Digital * opened in Lipetsk – Volkswagen Motor Show


You can build up a couch with a car.

The innovative Volkswagen Motor Show opened in Lipetsk. More than 300 inhabitants of Lipcana visited the exhibition space. Honorary guests of the salon were the heads of the Avtoimport group and representatives of the Volkswagen brand.



– Opening of a new modern Volkswagen Group in Lipetsk. We are starting the digital form * of car sales, and this is among the first in Russia, said the founder of the Avtoimport Group Igor Smirnov. This company has been on the market for 22 years, has 18 brands in its portfolio, actively participates in the social program and uses modern solutions in working with clients. – In our work we focus on advanced customer service and comfort. Everyone in the Avtoimport Group keeps the motto: "We offer you freedom of movement and caring for the car". In Lipecko, we plan to introduce all positive experiences in car servicing and meeting customer needs.



In Russia there are only 30 innovative Volkswagen salons, one of which is now in Lipetsk. What does a digital * automatic format mean? This is an innovative showroom where the barrier between the operator and the customer is cleared. There are no usual tables in the Volkswagen salon in Lipetsk. Instead of them – comfortable sofas, coffee, spacious hall and … tablet. The operator, together with the customer, is based in a special application Volkswagen Dream. Together with the buyer, the car "gathers" on the screen: it is necessary to add extra, extra padding, choose cushioning and smart filler, and supplement with the necessary options. However, the digital format does not mean that the "live" cars will not be presented in the cabin. When the car is "gathered", the customer moves to his car, which is already waiting for his owner.



"Today we have made a decisive step – together with the Group of Companies, Avtoimport is opening one of the first innovative Volkswag salons in Lipetsk," said Dmitry Hodyakov, director of Volkswagen DC in Lipetsk. – During my work in Avtoimport, I appreciated the high quality and quality requirements of the company. Volkswagen will try to satisfy them and show the highest level of focus on customers, provide a full range of car maintenance services, meet Lipchanov's needs for new items and the leading brand of the concern, create a positive brand experience. We want to create a unique Volkswagnov showroom for the Chernozem area.



Volkswagen cars are well-known Lipchans and, according to the success of the company, they are beloved in Russia. The company successfully launched the year 2019 and continued the trend of growth in sales, backed up in 2018. Last year the Volkswagen brand increased sales by 18%. In just three months of 2019, Volkswagen car sales increased by 4%.

Today, the leading and new products of the concern are presented at the Volkswag's salon. The showroom was among the first to receive a new product from the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan All Inclusive. This is a car for those who do not want to spend time to compare options and complete sets, and want to get the maximum set of equipment at a reasonable price. Also presented are updated models – Polo Connect and Tiguan Connect. They carried out a special model of automotive control: the owner can control a wide range of functions of the car remotely and easily finds Volkswagen on a large car park with a smart phone. At the end of the year, Avtoimport is planning a presentation of the updated Volkswagen Passat in Lipetsk.


Who chooses Volkswagen cars? These are mature people who understand how important it is to find a perfect balance between price and quality that appreciate their comfort and understand how high the price of a car is when it is resold or sold through Trade-in **.

The new car exhibition opened in Moscow, 79a. Here, citizens will be able to get a full cycle of car purchase services (including insurance, credit programs *** and Trade-in **), their qualified maintenance (a great service with experienced craftsmen in the salon). Also on sale are carefully tested cars with a kilometer. Everybody was checked for legal clarity, ready for travel. In addition, the car show offers an additional guarantee.

You can familiarize yourself with the entire range of models and make special offers on the official website of Volkswagen Auto Import –

Authors of photographs presented in the article, Vladimir Vladimirovich Dyakonov and Dmitry Sergeevich Barykin. © 2019

* Digital (English) – digital

** Trade-in (i.e.) – i.e. replacement of an old vehicle with a new one at an extra charge.

*** The loan is provided by Volkswagen Bank RUS LLC.



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