Saturday , September 18 2021

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Russian mixed wrestler (MMA) Alexander Shlemenko has announced the outcome of a fight with rapper Morgenstern. His words are quoted by

The athlete stated that such a fight would last zero seconds. According to him, hardly anyone will offer $ 20 million to organize the fight, which the artist previously named. “It’s funny that, unlike him, I’m a professional athlete,” Shlemenko summed up.

On June 27, Morgenstern wrote on Instagram that censorship should be introduced and MMA banned. “What kind of example do you set for children? As for completing the fake man, however, I am generally silent. Is he a man? I don’t understand, “he said. To this, Shlemenko said that the words of the performer should not be taken seriously, as the rapper only wants to attract attention.

In March this year, he described Šlemenko Morgenstern as a devil and a demon. He also called for a ban on the artist’s concerts.

Šlemenko won 60 victories in his career, suffered 13 defeats, and declared one of his matches invalid.

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