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Apple is upgrading a new MacBook Pro battery


Apple-branded computers, such as premium cars, are mostly inferior to users in their basic configuration. But Cupertino this year decided to change everything and issue a serious upgrade to the youngest MacBook Pro 13 ", which unexpectedly received the Touch Bar and twice the capacity at the same price as the previous generation. However, this improvement is not over as Apple has equipped the new product with a more powerful battery.

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As the inFixit engineers found, the performance of the MacBook Pro 13 "2019 model year increased from 54.5 to 58.2 Wh. This upgrade can not be called so important, especially considering that the next generation laptop has received the Touch Bar, the T2 chip, and the fingerprint scanner that need more resources to work. As a result, the life of the laptop battery will probably remain at the level of the previous 10 hours.

How is the MacBook Pro 2019

In general, the new set of components forced engineers to seriously transform the internal structure of the MacBook Pro 13 ". To place the touch screen in the casing, which replaced the function line of the keys and the corresponding parts, it was decided to reduce the size of the right speaker. It is true that Cupertin did not warn of a deterioration in sound quality, which means that it is likely to remain the same as before.

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In addition, the presence of the keyboard "butterfly" of the current generation has been confirmed. Probably Apple decided to save new notebook scissors next year, so MacBook Pro 13 "2019 immediately put in the list of devices whose owners may require a free replacement of the keyboard. It turned out that Cupertin deliberately equipped his new product with defective work and even publicly announced it without hesitation. Is it worth buying such a product?

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