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A 100-hour MRI scan showed the brain in as many details (video) as possible Medicine


The brain MRI on average lasts from 15 to 90 minutes, but scientists from The Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) carried out a 100-hour examination that showed the most detailed human brain.

The results of this scan can be a very valuable tool for studying the status quo, depression and many other problems.

The brain, which was scanned, belonged to a 58-year-old woman who died three years ago from pneumonia and had no neurological problems. For brain scanning, scientists first had to build a special case that could keep the brain in place and prevent it from moving under the influence of magnetic waves.

If the brain belonged to a living person, experts would not be able to obtain such detailed images, as any movement (even breathing and circulation) would interfere.

Experts used a very powerful machine for scanning. with voltage field 7 Tesla (in most hospitals we use 3 Tesla devices).

Scanning lasting more than 4 days showed all parts of the brain to the smallest detail, including an amygdala that is no more than almond and located deep in the brain.

Many problems, including increased anxiety, autism, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias, are believed to be associated with impaired tonzil function.

Experts emphasize that they have never seen such detailed images of the brain and are eagerly preparing for the use of the scans obtained for the study of brain health.

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