Weekend with three exhibitions in three different registers


On Friday, November 9th, at 7 pm, we invite the audience to TESTOSTERON, which was very successful in October at the National Comedy Gallery in Galati.
Marian Adochiţei, Bogdan Carage, Remus Archip, Andrei Cantaragiu, Andu Axente, Alexandru Medveghi, Adrian Dumitrescu are seven men who "think that women are their main enemy, but in fact there is no one who does not love God and back .. . ", according to director Traian Soimu, who adapted the successful play by Polish writer, director and producer Andrzej Saramonowicz. The comedy "Testosterone" was very enthusiastic, both in Poland and abroad, playing on scenes from Great Britain, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc. Under the Constanta version, the stage design is signed by Timisoara Zsolt Fehérvári, and the scene assistant is Lăcrămioara Dumitraşcu, who also produced poster graphics. The music belongs to Constantine composer Adriano Mihai, and the translation of the text was made by Ioana Diacona Mureşan.
As regards the licensed language used by characters, this performance is not recommended for minors.

On Saturday, November 10, at 7 pm you are invited to "PALIATIV", a presentation of contemporary Romanian dramaturgy, which is not recommended to the public under 16 years of age.
On the stage are doctors, people like us, who suffered from deformations of the brain and souls during many operations that they performed on the bodies of others. Some people look at the table as objects, they look normal and welcome their perception. It is also normal for you to "conquer" a wife who has rejected you by taking surgery on her father, especially if she thinks it's normal to use sex as a currency of exchange because she does not get the money. And these are good people, where corruption has not gone down to psychosis.
In others, the power of life and death in men triggered the insanity of God's faith. They form the system in their image and similarity, and function longer, steadily in the face of any tragedy. They represent successful models and compulsory reading for the next generation, so the idea of ​​changing ideals and utopias.
The young playwright Radu Popescu shows the world he knows from within, because he was a surgeon before he dedicated himself to the theater.
The directors were signed by Cristian Gheorghe and the stage designer Lăcrămioara Dumitraşcu. The distribution includes Adrian Dumitrescu, Alina Mantu, Cosmina Soare, Andrei Cantaragiu, Edi Vacariu, Cosmin Mihale, Ana-Maria Stefan.
The Slovene word for the words PALIATIV are as follows: 1. A medicine or treatment that alleviates or eliminates symptoms of the disease for a short time without causing a cause. 2. Picture: A solution or measure that temporarily or clearly solves a difficult situation.

On Sunday, November 11, at 7 pm, TSC presents the play "Veethoven …, Doi!", Comedy by director Iulian Enache, played by three actors of the Constanta State Theater, Lana Moscaliuc, Louise Martinescu and Remus Archip. Lana Moscaliuc is also the author of the text she conceived with Iulian Enache under the idea of ​​Mihail Zoscenko.
The audience can enjoy the story of a doctor obsessed with Beethoven, whose only visitor is the morning milk supplier of Piranda (sometimes diluted with water). The scenery was signed by Lăcrămioara Dumitraşcu and music by Adrian Mihai.


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