Monday , June 21 2021

Topics of the day: CNAS case, damage of € 8 million. How the part got to Antenna 3; Basescu, the first reaction after a daughter who was sentenced to 5 years in prison; French journalists, secret guests, at exclusive dinners with caviar and champagne – Topics of the day

CNAS case, eight million euros in damage How the part got to Antenna 3. Former National Health Insurance House (CNAS) presidents Vasile Ciurchea and Irinel Popescu are accused of demanding $ 3,370,000 from Ante Romania, € 165,000 from Antena, € 165,000 from Media Consulate and € 100,000 from the former law firm Boștină şi Asociații. CNAS had a procurement contract with HP Romania, signed since 2002. Subsequently, several additional documents were concluded with this company. For the period 2007-2009, CNAS and HP Romania agreed to abandon the types of computers and laptops provided for in the original contract and to reallocate these amounts for the purchase of technical assistance and on-site training at the prices proposed by HP, without organizing any procurement procedure, according to Free Europe

Basescu, the first reaction after a daughter who was sentenced to 5 years in prison. “I haven’t seen a man sentenced to 5 years in prison for seducing without receiving money and taking nothing. Instead, I’ve seen a lot of people steal millions and thank them nicely. No one touches them, “Traian Băsescu told Realitatea PLUS on Monday about his daughter ‘s conviction. Ioana Băsescu, daughter of Traian Băsescu, and Elena Udrea were sentenced to prison by execution. Ioana Băsescu received five years in prison with the execution. The Court of Appeal in Bucharest on Tuesday, March 2, announced the first sentence in the case of financing the 2009 campaign, writes Adevărul.

Police and old habits. Cases of violence by police officers are often covered up by superiors. This is also the reason why many Romanians, especially from the country or small towns, do not report such abuses. They are afraid. The communist nomenklatura remained almost intact in the first years after December ’89 and among the renamed militia. With the exception of former Interior Minister Mihai Chițac, who ordered repression of protesters in Timisoara, the guilt of high-ranking generals and police officers in the bloc was virtually pardoned. In 30 years, the reality shows that some police officers have committed and are committing the same crimes as civilian offenders: corruption and abuse of office, tax evasion, dealing with mafia groups, illegal promotions to leadership positions. It turned out that some law enforcement officers disclosed information from the files of the detainees, while others gave the money through usury, writes Deutsche Welle.

Forgotten sins: In 2020, 29 government inspectors consumed more than 3.5 million lei. At first, their tasks are very vague and are more in the pen of the prime minister. In January 2020, SGG’s response to the parliamentary inquiry included 29 paid state inspectors out of 32 planned posts. In December 2020, there were only 26. Their gross monthly salary ranged between 9,000 and 11,700 lei. In total, the state spent 3.34 million lei on the gross salaries of these inspectors in 2020. For five of them, rents were paid a total of 141,000 lei, Newsweek writes.

The Romanian Academy will participate in the auction of Mircea Eliade manuscripts. His manuscripts remained in public and private collections after 1986 in three countries where he lived longer: Chicago, Paris, and Bucharest. By far the most problematic are those left in private collections in Bucharest. “Many of Eliade’s manuscripts that remained in the country came to her publisher Mircea Handoca in circumstances that can be easily assessed morally, but proved to be legally insignificant. His heir is the one who passed them through the house on April 7th. The sale of some documents that seem essential to understanding Mircea Eliada’s work involves the risk that they will be bought by private collectors and thus lose track before being researched by experts, writes Dilema Veche.

Top counties by percentage of Romanians vaccinated. If we consider only those immunized with the vaccine (ie those who have been vaccinated with both doses), we will see that their number represents 5.9% of the stable population of Romania. If we look at the percentage by district, we will see that some of them – for example Cluj or Bucharest – significantly exceed this percentage, while others around 3% (we took into account the doses given in the interval 27 December 2020 – 31 March 2021, ie in a little over three months). At the opposite pole is Botoșani district, where 2.9% of the population is immunized by vaccination, the only district that has not yet reached the 3% threshold, writes Great News.

French journalists, secret guests on which exclusively with caviar, champagne and edible menus: “Once you enter, there is no COVID.” Private television station M6 posted pictures on Twitter of a secret mission called “caviar, champagne, chefs’ menus. Masks are banned.” The film features footage from a private club in a “selected neighborhood” in Paris, where guests have already from the very beginning they communicate that they can give up masks. A secret location with the blinds pulled out was in the block. A waiter who comes to a meeting with a guest reporter hears the word, “People who come here don’t wear masks. Once you enter here, there is no COVID-19, ”writes Adevărul.

Easter quarantine, mistrust and rediscovery of Europe. Not by “determined” politicians who want to “lead” the masses and be “clear” in taking the most “pragmatic” measures that could retain power as much as possible, there is no shortage of Europe. And mistrust is not a one-way street. The question is not only the distrust of citizens towards their own rulers, but also the distrust of many rulers towards their subjects. The former challenge the responsibility of citizens and therefore prefer to force them to submit to obstacles they find absurd, rather than simply accepting reasonably understandable prohibitions. Things are not better at EU level either. Opposite. The union is full of bureaucrats who are stingy with vaccines and obstruct other anti-pandemic measures, as well as ideologues who are not interested in pharmaceutical companies, who prescribe a transgender policy to the continent, according to which gender is a “cultural invention”. “is not a natural fact, writes Deutsche Welle.

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