Tom Cruise has been replaced in the role because it is short


Tom Cruise will replace Jack Reacher's role, which he has already played in two feature films, as it is short, said Lee Child, the author of novels that were the basis for film production, according to

Lee Child says he agrees with fans of the Jack Reacher series who think that Tom Cruise is too short to play this role.

Cruise played this feature in two films, "Jack Reacher: A Reaching Bullet / Jack Reacher", released in 2012 and "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" appeared in 2016.

The child said that he worked very well with Cruise, but found that his physics did not match the character in his books.

From his debut in action movies in 1986 to Top Gun, Tom Cruise tried to overcome his physical and stylistic borders, and the mission: Impossible, The Last Samurai, and Jack Reacher are just some of the films in which the actor did their own cascades.

In children's books, Reacher is described as a height of 1.95 meters, while Cruise has a 1.70 meters.

"Despite his talent, Cruise does not have the right physics," Child Radio told Manchester. "Reacher's height is a very, very important and important element of what it is." The idea is that when Reacher enters the room, you're a little nervous, "the writer explained.

The child also said that no major movie films would be made, and that he would call for new productions on Netflix or on another website.

Lee Child (under the name of Jim Grant) was born in 1954 in Coventry, UK, but grew up in Birmingham. He received a scholarship at the same high school where he studied J.R.R. Tolkien, then follow right to Sheffield. After finishing college he entered the television where he was director of photography for 18 years.

"Killing Floor" ("Capcana Margrave"), his first series of Jack Reacher, with more than 20 titles, has been a great success since his release. Lee's child character is a former US military military officer who overcame the most comfortable jobs in the country and is investigating dubious and complicated cases.

Jack Reacher, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, earned $ 218 million worldwide, while Edward Zwik's sequel sold $ 162 million, though he was not excited about the enthusiasm of critics.

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