The louse of Vladimir Drăghia is suffering. What the player said


Vladimir Drăghia and Alice Cavaler married a couple of months ago and have a girlfriend together. Dawn was sick of otitis, and the player had to stay in the house to take care of her. She did not feel well and both parents take care of her.

The duke of Vladimir Drăghia made her otitis

The winner of the first season in Exatlon posted a photo with his girlfriend, which was made in the past.


Dawn, the daughter of Vladimir Drghia, was otitised

"Zoril has otitis and I stayed in the house all day, and this is one of the most beautiful days together." The picture is the last few days, probably even from otitis. "I wanted to just say that we had an exceptional day," the message was Vladimir Drăghia sent him to social networks.


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