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Scenario Cozmina Guşa, BOMB: Secret Service set up bridge between PSD and USR-PLUS – News feeds


Political analyst Cozmin Guşa argues that laboratories have a scenario that the PSD should come with a weak candidate, a candidate that gives priority to the USR-PLUS alliance to enter the second round of presidential elections. Gusa also believes that Laura Codruta Kovesi is still in the game to become the presidential candidate, as USR-PLUS postpones the candidate's announcement.

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"Following the recent events in the USR and the PSD, there are some clear conclusions that I would like to highlight:

1. Scenario Laura Codruţa Kovesi presidential candidate is still alive. What I think? Obviously, because of this dual congress yesterday, it was not followed by the USR-PLUS Joint Congress, which established the candidate or presidential tandem; this delay PLUS believes that I am waiting for the game to see if Laura Codruta Kovesi will be named or not at the head of the European Prosecutor's Office. If it is to be nominated, the game will be held between Barna and Ciolos, with this idea of ​​the Prime Minister, which, in my opinion, is a bad idea because it will not repeat again the leap that he has sold to the European Parliament if they vote with them or PNL , will change the government of Dăncilă. Instead, if Kovesi is not appointed to the European Prosecutor's Office, then the game with the buttons at Florian Coldea will bring Lauro Codruta Kovesi as presidential candidate, and one of them, Barna or Ciolos, will be the candidate for the post of prime minister. There seems to be a clear play of this group, which is cautiously opposed by the Iohanis group. Each of them, Coldea and Kovesi, accuses them, albeit not in the face, of the presidential complaint that they were easily offended.

2. Obviously, the weak candidate from the PSD gives priority to joining the second round of USR-PLUS. A candidate like Violin Vasilica Dăncilă, let alone Orlando Teodorovici or others, will create a very, very weak PSD score. In fact, this is a scenario that the PSD plays blindly, but if we look at how much intelligence is around Viorica Dăncilă, it can be planned that the USR-PLUS candidate will fight in the final with Johannes and it is not hard to guess that Iohannis could beat quite easily, but surely, and consequently the PSD will break if it allows such a game to not enter the second round, then the PSD will be the government, and from the point of view of local and parliamentary elections, the PSD can reach a maximum of 12-15%.

3. If Klaus Iohannis does not understand that PNL is not enough to go to II. The circle will practically have great skills and great troubles to win. PNL does not provide well-known leaders or a sufficiently electoral beach for the president who does not have mandatory achievements. Klaus Iohannis did not hurt, but he did not work well in his mandate, and the president, who wants to extend the mandate, will enter the settlement area, which will put him in a strong defense position. The only vector within the PNL that could be supported is Rareş Bogdan, only that Rares Bogdan's score is made up of Klaus Iohannis voters, plus what he has from Realitatea's television. Iohannis needs voters from other areas, from other classes, "said Cozmin Guşa for STIRIPESURSE.RO.

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