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Samsung INFINITY Flex. As the filling phone starts, Samsung continues to record brands that it will use for a surprising smartphone in the future. Today we are talking about the name of the Samsung INFINITY Flex, registered by Koreans in the USA, the first of this type, registered in that country for any phone model, and it's perfectly clear that we are talking about Samsung GALAXY X, but not about any other phone.

Samsung INFINITY Flex. This mark was registered only a few weeks after the Samsung INFINITY V registered in South Korea, which is similar to the point. None of the two brands has yet been registered in any other country, and it is not excluded that different brands can be used in both countries, so Samsung INFINITY Flex can be the one used internationally, especially because it is clearer describes the product.

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Samsung INFINITY Flex Phone 1

Samsung INFINITY Flex. On the other hand, Koreans can register more brands, because at the moment they are not sure they could use them to better present the phone they want to put up for sale. They both use the word Infinity from the name of the current phone screens and Samsung INFINITY Flex is also registered for use with mobile phones, so it's pretty clear what its usefulness will be.

Samsung INFINITY Flex Phone 2

Samsung INFINITY Flex. Separated from this mark and ends with a letter V, Samsung's also recorded others that end with the letters , but U, although it's hard to tell which types of products can start. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that the Samsung INFINITY Flex is the name we can use for the Korean phone folders, and I think there are chances that it will be the final name.

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