Rujeola creates new victims: a four-year-old from Iasi died even if he received the first dose of the vaccine


April 27, 2018, 18:16

According to the National Center for Monitoring and Control of Transmissible Diseases, the total number of confirmed measles cases in Romania reached 12,648, with almost 300 more than last week.

A four-year-old child in the Iasi district, who was diagnosed with measles, died in the past week, according to the National Center for Control and Control of Infectious Diseases (CNSCBT) in a press release.

In his opinion, the minor received the first dose of ROR. The number of children who died as a result of a measles epidemic that has been around the country since February 2016 has reached 50. "The 50th deaths due to measles confirmed by virus isolation were recorded in a 4-year-old child who had 1 dose of the ROR vaccine in the history of the Iasi district. The total number of confirmed measles cases reported in Romania on 27 April 2018 is 12,668, including 50 deaths, "the message reads." In his opinion, in the week of 23 April, On April 27, 2018, 280 new cases were diagnosed in patients from 15 districts and in Bucharest.

Most cases, 97, were confirmed in patients in the Bacau district. In second place, according to the confirmed number of cases, the Constanta district with 41 diseases and the third place in the Vrancea district with 40 diseases.


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