Rareş Bogdan EXPLODED in Madrid: Nicolicea – the most toxic Bolshevik; Tariceanu – a pedigree – sources of news


Lokomotiv PNL at the European Parliament elections, Rareş Bogdan, said on Saturday that the Tudoretl Toader and Călin Popescu Tăriceanu are criminals and that Eugen Nicolice is "the most toxic Bolshevik in parliament".

"The most dangerous are visible criminals, then violators with barracks, like Toader, which is much more dangerous than Codrin Stefanescu. And we still have criminals who tarried Tariceanu, who left the heritage of Gojid Madžar, laughing with the Black Sea continental belt Sterling, took Citroën commission fees, "said Rareş Bogdan.

Liberal added that he is no longer a "toxic" deputy like Eugen Nicolice (PSD).

"They sent Nicoliceo, the most toxic Bolsheviks in Parliament, this is a superlative toxicity, I do not think it's a more toxic MEP than Nicolice, this guy was sent to consult with those who calmed us down and infected us in August." So they talk about political With Nicoliceo, where two were portrayed as political prisoners, the one who was deputy Magureanu after 1990, and the other was imprisoned for stealing a military rifle from the borders, presented him as a major political prisoner, "said Rareş Bogdan.


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