Tuesday , March 2 2021

Meghan Markle got a chance to change something. Is it used by the royal family?

Meghan Markle, attacked from where she didn’t expect. Her sister Samantha wrote in the book “Princess Pushy’s Sister’s Diary, Part 1” that she will be publishing soon that the actress is jealous of Kate Middleton, “even though she can’t be compared to her.” In addition, he claims to be using the royal family to restart his career.

Samantha, v. Meghan Markle. The sister of the Duchess of Sussex made interesting revelations in her book

“Samantha writes that William’s wife Kate Middleton is a great mother, a good friend, an example to the people of her country. She then compares her to Meghan, whom she believes is simply using the royal family to restart her own career,” says OK!

At the same time, the woman tells how happy she was when she saw Prince Charles leading Meghan to the altar, to marry Prince Harry, even though the actress ’father couldn’t be there because he suffered a heart attack due to stress. On the other hand, she admits that she is still angry at Meghan for not showing gratitude to her father and not wanting to be with him at the ceremony.

The Duchess of Sussex’s sister is convinced that Meghan uses the royal family exactly as she once did, and their father claims the actress would enjoy the generosity of Thomas Markle Sr. and then leave him when she needed her most. Sources from around the royal family told In Touch that the duchess is angry about the book, but will not show dissatisfaction in public.

In fact, Meghan reportedly cried last February when she learned her stepdaughter intended to write a book about her. “The Duchess of Sussex felt he was taking advantage of her,” says a relative.

  • Samantha Markle, 56, will publish the book “Princess Pushy’s Sister’s Diary,” Part 1, in the United States next month.
  • She promises that the 330-page volume will reveal the hidden truths about her family and that “the royal fairy tale will fail.”
  • The Duchess’s sister announced last year that she would write another book entitled “In the Shadows of the Duchess.”

They were last seen in 2008

Meghan is said to have seen her sister living in Florida in 2008. However, her resentment seems “warm,” given that in interviews, even in recent ones, Samantha has been extremely critical of the actress.

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