iLikeIT. What Samsung Samsung Galaxy F specifications will be and when it will be released


In the last few days Samsung has shown us a flexible phone for the first time. And when we say this, we think the screen is foldable, not just an example, as we've seen on other devices.

The news is that Galaxy F … will not appear on the market in half a year. We would be tempted to say Barcelona, ​​but we also expect S10, so … we are staying good. But we really have to talk about Galaxy F! Because it's a step forward. Of course, the unofficial price it will reach in Europe is about 1,700 euros without tax, it seems to be a little smashed from another dimension. So we're trying to translate some of the costs and specifications!

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An ever-increasing need for refreshment. Powerful pressure on the F5 key, until worship, Apple and the rest do not achieve logical and useful innovation. It is very likely that this step has already been taken. Samsung is preparing to introduce a flexible phone in less than half a year.

I do not even know where to start. The concept sounds spectacular. You get a gadget with two screens, which is great. On the outside of the device, you have a shortcut – a call, a message about whatsappu, fast on the airplane, and when you unpack it, a screen of about 7 cm is displayed from the inside. So the prototype Royole FlexiPai works. China, obviously. By the name … it is not even suitable for a device that does not look like a premium.

And the screen can not be completely folded, at least not on the prototype I've seen! Thus, FlexiPai can be ordered for 1,400 euros.

The key is Samsung. The science of making the OLED screen transforms them into ideal candidates for a perfectly adaptable phone paternity. Their concept was disclosed in San Francisco in a hull that he designed to conceal his design. Name of the stadium? Samsung Galaxy F.

Repeat the shell. A large screen could have about 7 cm and could use up to three applications in parallel. The second screen will automatically start when the phone is folded down. Its diagonal does not look like more than 4 cm, which is the only good one-handed use. Keep in mind that slides are dark. What, of course, could be a market maneuver – you see, God, is hiding his product just because they know it will change. Or … maybe that's it?

We count on success, even if the first generation will not fully meet the expectations. Koreans estimate that they will deliver a million pieces in the first step. Which … it's not even bad at all! At what price? Well … we have a whole new technology. Customizable display is easy to manufacture – OLED hashtag – but the material over glass, hinges and other screen costs … essential.

Market rumors say we expect about $ 1,800, a thousand more than Notes9 or S9 Plus. You know a translation into eure plus taxes, so it's probably the right threshold … that's about 2,000! Date of issue? In the next six months, most likely. And … no, not Barcelona, ​​where The Verge says we will get S10 with 5G. But a little later. And without 5G!

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