Horoscope Capricorn – Prediction of the Uranium for April 13 and 19, 2019 | Mercury will be a sign of Aries. Moon filled in Libra for the second time this year


In the first part of April 13, opportunities for solving the problem were limited through dialogue and good understanding.

Between 13 April, after 10.51 and 15 April, at noon, they return to authoritarian tendencies when the question arises of dealing with material interests or a great hereditary position.

Between 15 April, 13:04 and 17 April, at noon, the efforts to assimilate new concepts, accumulate experience in discipline, the need to relax a career or the way to the goal with decisions and practical initiatives. Institutional measures can also be taken for this.

Merkur will enter the Oven sign on 17 April and will increase the proportion of care, as well as irritability in domestic, domestic, patrimonial or family matters, contradictory dialogues, lack of harmony between locals and relatives, but it is more "difficult" with which it is difficult to agree .

Between April 17, after 2:22 and April 19, the moon will pass through this sector and on April 19 together with the Sun in the opposition will be full Moon phase in Libra, which will be held for the second time in the same sign. The first full moon in balance was held on March 21 at 00:09.

This category of blue moon (two full moons in the same zodiacal sign) has been formed several times since 2000, and in the direction of Owen / equilibrium was also established in 2004. This double hypostase indicates the locals. the role and importance of the fourth house (housing, heritage, parents, the state and everything that was in the past – heritage, education, tradition, language, religion, customs) in the construction of their being.

From April 19th, after 3:40 pm, relations are not always satisfied with knowledge. Beware of a possible lack of honesty or honesty of relatives.


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