HOROSCOP RUNE for week 25-31 March. Aries communicates perfectly, Gemini must have patience


Horoscope. Here are the run messages for each zodiac sign for the week of March 25-31, March 2019. "Rune" is simply a secret, a mystery, or a whisper. Each rune is a sacred sign with magical forces that is associated with greater power. Reading the run is one of the oldest forms of prophecy available today.

Horoscope. With the help of a fleece, we get a deeper understanding of the situations, the predisposition or the shape of the answer to the question.

Horoscope. Runes do not tell you exactly what to do with your life, but they give you a hint and use your intuition for your next step. The future is not fixed – every man has the divine power to build his horses.
Runes are 24 magical characters with a German rug alphabet, made of stone or wood, with an old origin of the times of the Nordic and Germanic tribes. Every rune has a name and is associated with a particular deity, subject, or phenomenon. They were used to decorate weapons, accessories, jewelry, or they were at the entrance to the house. Although they were all used at that time, true secret runners were considered healers or wizards. Doctors were treating diseases, warriors praying for battles in battle, hunters for rich prey.
The entire run, together with its strengths and connections, forms a magical system.

Horoscope. STORAGE FOR BERBEC (March 21 – April 19)

Runa etalata: Raido

Communication is a topic for you, especially if it has two passages. It increases your own value, but you must be aware that we do not have to rely solely on our own strength. Ask us for the lead above and find out that you will be on the right track with this. Expectations can be the best measure. If you wait, take the resistance and intolerance of the process.

Horoscope. DRIVING FOR TAUR (April 20 – May 20)

Runa etalata: Mannaz

Essence is water. Clarity, preparedness for change is now essential and effective. Become honest to yourself and only then can you be in line with others. Be flexible as elastic, committed and moderate. Only then will you have the right direction.

Horoscope. GEMENI BREAKS (May 21 – June 20)

Runa: Eihwaz

There may be bottlenecks, but even help with advancement. Although you seem to be helpless at the moment, you are not. Patience and waiting are needed. Growth also maintains inconvenience and discomfort. Expect with confidence and you will see the divine support that is reflected in your life.

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