He worked as an electrician for 22 years, and last night he made two goals for the most expensive goalkeeper in the world! The wonderful story of the assailant who kidnapped Liverpool – www.sport.ro


Milan Pavkov, the 24-year-old striker of the Belgrade Federation Belgrade, is the hero of Serbia. He reached two goals in a win against Liverpool, a score of 2: 0.

Milan Pavkov has cost 300,000 euros, Red Star payment is in two tranches. Last night in the football history he gave two goals to the highest goalkeeper, for which Liverpool paid more than 60 million euros.

Pavkov (24) became the hero of the Serbs after two, who after a decade of waiting, won the Champions League.

The international press now tells the story of Milan Pavkov, a football player who has a truly impressive story.

Pavkov was a semi-circular footballer until the age of 22. While playing in Radnicki Nis, he also worked part-time as an electrician. It also helps your father who has a small food store.

In January 2017, after a season in which he scored 5 goals for Radnicki Nis, Rosie's Star decided to meet with his luck and buy it for 300,000 euros, with two tranches of payable money.

Pavkov failed to impress in return in the championship, so he was again sent to Radnicki where he exploded. He scored 23 times in 33 matches and convinced the team leaders in the Serbian capital to remember him.

Last night, Pavkov managed to win a place in the team and in the hearts of the fans after reaching a double double in Liverpool.

"In his free time, when he does not repair the electric plates, Liverpool's team, whose team costs more than 60 million euros," reads for English.


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