He promised this and kept the word! What about a super-goal with Anderlecht?


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Răzvan Marin in the derby of the team of Anderlecht, but his success was overshadowed by the fact that the game was abandoned after half an hour of play. Belgian journalists have only novelties for Romanian international.

Although he moved to Ajax, Standard's midfielder continued to have a solid match in the Belgian jersey. It also showed in an extremely important game, any result, except for the victory on Friday night, drastically diminished the possibility of creating a title.

The corner kick from Răzvan Marin was powerfully met by the head of Anderlecht in the end. However, Belgian journalists spoke superlatively about the former player Future.

"The free kick from the side of the Răzvana Marina in 22 minutes recently moved to Ajax Amsterdam, and Romun promised to put everything for the Standard until the end of the season and followed the word. Although the free shot was in a difficult position, away from the door, Marin had an excellent performance that surprised Didillon, who did not expect such a choice."writes reporters at Derniere Heure.

Prior to this stage, the Standard ranked 3 rd place with 33 points, five kilometers from the head of Genka.

How the game ended

You are accustomed to having his team at the forefront of the year in Belgium, Anderlecht fans find it difficult to manage the situation this season. The team was only 5, 12 leading points and Standard defeat brought fans at the end of the patience. Several times they threw a torch and the center had only one option: stop the game.

"Judge Lambrechts interrupted the game for the first time after several torches flew in the direction of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. After continuing, soon afterward, Djenepo was imbued with Kara Mbodji. The Center marked the sentence and assigned it to another yellow senegal after consultation with the VAR. Mpoku got a hit and the torch began to fly again from the Anderlecht fans. Lambrechts again interrupted the game, this time finally. The stadium's announcer announced the victory of the Standard, and the players made an honorable tour in a completely unexpected situation"They say the Belgians.

Răzvan Marin debuted in the first team of the future in July 2013 and, at the time of his departure to Standard Liege in January 2017, he had a market value of two million euros. 4 million.

Now, two years away, its value has increased five times. According to the data of the Transfermarkt, Marin is worth 9 million euros, while Ajax paid 12.5 million euros. A 22-year-old midfielder signed a "spear" for 5 years. The future has retained 20 percent of the future transfer, so it will now receive 2.5 million euros.

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