Thursday , July 29 2021

He has more thefts than goals

The controversial Moroccan footballer Ismail H & # 39; Maidat arrived in Pola Iasi and was under the command of Flavi Stoican.

If the tests pass, the 23-year-old offensive midfielder will sign a contract with Poli Iasi, announces

M & # 39; Haidadt was considered a great talent in world football, but the problems with extrasportal life dragged him down.

At the New Year's Eve in 2018, he robbed a casino when he threatened those who were present with his gun. He had this kind of history and was researched after he robbed several stores in Belgium.

He was sentenced to 46 months in prison, but he only killed two and regained his football.

The Moroccan footballer grew up in Belgium, and in 2014 he came to Italy in Brescia, where he played very well.

AS Roma bought it in 2016, estimated at 3.1 million euros, and then it was borrowed by Ascoli, Vicenti, Olhanense and Westerl.

Although he is an offensive footballer, Marokan has achieved only two goals in his career as he has had more active attacks than he led in the field.


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