Gigi Becali, a hard reaction after learning that the Hungarian government is heavily investing in Romanian football


Gigi Becali responded firmly after learning that the Hungarian government invested millions of euros each year in Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe and Csikszereda Miercurea Ciuc.

In difficult conditions, the fact that the Romanian government did not take a stand and left the Hungarians to invest in Romanian football was criticized.

"Our government, what are you doing? Do you destroy it? It pays money in Romania, millions of euros to say then that we are fighting at home, in the army, with us, leading the minister. He makes football and does not allow the Hungarians to play in this country He wants to destroy him!

Our government says: "I do not know any more brands! I want to destroy you, Becali, who you fight and fight with the Hungarians. I will turn you off when the Hungarians can defeat us!" Do you realize how much this country is? You have a man who brings you millions of euros into the budget, pays taxes, and you still want to destroy him, "said Becali Fanatic.

Then Becali began a difficult attack on Hungary and Viktor Orban, who he dubbed the "dwarf".

"I promise not to let the Hungarians win in Romania." To make Sepsa the champion … But nobody wonders why he came here? army Minister is young, smart, but he is a servant, he is a servant What do we say, in our country we have something strong and good?

I have a coefficient, I'm going to Europe, I'm doing my job. I have a value and they want to tear everything. And come strangers … came the Hungarians! As if the Americans were coming, that was … They were strong, we were fed up with them and we did it. But that's it ?! They are a dwarf in front of us! Hungary is a dwarf! How did Orban beat you home? How can I let Orban beat me in Wallachia? This will never happen! "Becali said.

The two football teams in Romania are enjoying huge investments, which are carried out annually by the Hungarian government.

Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe and Csikszereda Miercurea Ciuc receive more than 3 million euros annually from the Hungarian government.

Money is intended for children and young centers of both clubs.


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