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eMAG – Samsung's price list! Complete discounts


eMAG has this weekend discount promotion for Samsung's best handsets.

eMAG – A list of all Samsung phones available at a discount can be found HERE.

eMAG ended the week with a number of more favorable promotions, including Samsung's mobile phone. The best models have a discount of up to 20%, while good prices are running low, so we recommend that you buy them as soon as possible. Here are the most popular offers:

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone

The first model of the phone in the offer is also the best, and the discount is excellent: 18% discount. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a model with rounded edges, it's top Samsung, it has a storage space of only 32 GB, but it has a special gift in the offer. All details can be found HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy J5

The J5 is one of the cheapest, but it maintains the quality of Samsung technology and this model is one of 2016. The phone has the capability to manage two SIM cards, has 16 GB of memory and 4G function and 8% discount. You can find the price HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy S7 phone

We also visit the Samsung Galaxy S7, which benefits from eMAG with a 17% discount. This model is one of the best-selling and revered, it has 32GB of storage space and the data transfer functionality of 4G and high-speed Internet. Offers can be found HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy A5

The 10% discount for the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that costs much less than 2000 lei and is equipped with 32GB of storage space for music, movies and many applications, as well as a 4G feature. The new Galaxy A series is fitted with a metal frame and glass on the back, based on Samsung's cutting-edge design. All details can be found HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy A3 mobile phone

This model is very stylish and has a metal frame and 3D glass on the back that gives a superb image of the phone. With the Home button and the slim camera, the device is designed to create a seamless and more comfortable use than ever before. In addition, it is also technologically friendly in height, with 16 GB of storage space and 4G function. 13% discount can be found HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The price of this mobile phone has been drastically reduced with the S7, but its technology is up-to-date and of the highest quality. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has rounded edges for easy menu access, 32GB of memory and 4G features. The price is also a 18% discount from eMAG, and you can see the entire offer HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy S6

Among the eMAG offers we found one of the most popular mobile phones in the market, the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has 32 GB of memory, 4G function and a very good offer for the BELO. You can find the price and other information about the offer HERE.

eMAG – Samsung Galaxy S4 phone

The latest offer, which we recommend, is for a slightly older model, but with very up-to-date technology and meets all the applications that are available today. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has 16 GB of storage, it is in limited stock and has a 19% discount. You can find the price HERE.

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