Monday , March 8 2021

Dana Nalbar, the disclosure of the adopted girl: "I do not care what people think about you

Dana Nalbar was successful in the domestic music industry, but at one point she decided to withdraw from the showbiz and pay her full attention to the family. A 42-year-old singer, a former member of the HI-Q group, spoke to Adevărul about his mother's life in an interview, and revealed the reasons why she applied for adoption, although two children were already home as a result of a wedding with a television player and a television speaker Dragośem Bucur.

The reason why Dana Nalbar received the girl

Dana Nalbar revealed that she did not appreciate the prejudices of people around her and decided to accept the child from her desire to save her life. Although he has come across a lot of negative opinions over the years, the star has decided to go further, and is also convinced of their choices. Roxana, the girl who was accepted by Dragos Bucur, is of Roma origin and, as expected, there were many prejudices in this regard.

"The thought of acceptance existed before we had our baby. We wanted to save our lives." (..) "I access the list of hard-to-accept children and I found Roxana. In four months we met her and a few weeks after her we came to us and stayed with us. (..) I'm not afraid of anything, I do not care what people think around you. I'm not racist. Together with Drago, we will help to overcome all problems, "Dana Nalbar said.

Dana Nalbar, about her plans for the future

Despite denouncing public appearances and life in recent years, Dana announced that it will soon release a musical project with the help of a London producer. "It has no commercial purpose. (..) They will not even appear on the stage because the audience has become accustomed to Hi-Q," she said.

As for accommodation in Romania, Dana and her husband, along with their children, travel far beyond the state and see how things work in western countries, the artist has revealed that he does not want to stay in a country more chosen in old age. Although it is often assumed that Dana and her family moved from all over Romania, they returned each time. "We still think if our age is here. I'm terrified of thinking that I need to get into the sanitary system in my old age," Dana Nalbar explained.

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