CFR Cluj humiliated FC Botosani again and scored 4 points in second place


Saturday, November 3

champion CFR Cluj He wrote a recital on the field of Botosani, which set 5-1 for a game dominated by the authority.

"The robbers" lucky 10 minutes when Chitoşcă after an unlucky break in his own goal.

CFR is the "veteran" Culin a really great volleyball fired on the right. The only moment when FC Botosani played in the game, on Ongenda and Golofca's two successful rods.

The recital of the CFR has increased in the second half of the year and Conceicao's players have been perforating the gate of Brânză, Moldovan, three times.

Alexandru Paun I copied Culio and scored 54 minutes DEAC and Omrani at the 69th and 73rd minute, and they spent the perfect evening for the champion.

Botoşani's goal is to get in the 83rd minute. Ongenda, who broke the cross from the free kick in the first half.

The Moldavians suffered the darkest defeat in their respective territories as they played in League One. CFR Cluj humiliated again on April 16, 2016: Gruya 6-0.

The CFR has won 4 wins in the last 5 games and has collected 29 points. Cluj-Napoca won 4 points in CS U Craiova and 5 FCSB, but Red and Blue are on Astra's Sunday match.

Costel Enache's 9th place with 15 points, and the playoff is just a Moldovan utopia.

FC Botosani – CFR Cluj 1-5 Chitoşcă 10, Culio 28, Al Peac 54, Deac 69, Omrani 73

Start to Team:

FC Botoşani: I. Brânză – Dumitras, A. Miron, Burcă, Chitoşcă – E. Papa, Karaboue – Golofca, Ongenda, Fabbrini – Roman II.
Fraisl, Chindris, Patache, L. Fulop, A. Corban, N. Trujic, Brekalo
Costel Enache

CFR Cluj: Collado – C. Manea, Vinicius, A. Muresan, Camora – Bordeian, D. Djokovic, Culio – C. Deac, Omrani, Al Pava
A. Rus, Peteleu, A. Lang, Al. Ionita II, V. Costache, Mailat, Tambe
Toni Conceicao

referee: Scientist Alexandru / A1: Mircea Grigoriu / THE 2: Ovidiu Artene / observer: Iosif Olah
stadium: Urban (Botosani)

PROGRAM Session 14 League 1:

Poli Iasi – CS U Craiova 0-3 (Details, ITT)
Sepsi – Hermannstadt 1-3 (Details, ITT)
FC Botosani – CFR Cluj-Napoca 1-5
16:00 Duna Calarasi – Viitorul
21:00 FCSB – Astra Giurgiu
18:00 Concordia Chiajna – Gaz Metan Mediaş
21:00 FC Voluntari – Dinamo



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