Tuesday , March 2 2021


BANCA Transilvania multipurpose

BANCA Transylvania today it is sending an important new message to customers all over Romania that contains information that everyone should know because we are talking about something useful for many people. Specifically, those from BANCA Transilvania have a network of multi-purpose ATMs throughout Romania that customers should be aware of, as they can take advantage of various services that are usually only available at agencies.

BANCA Transylvania first it talks about BT Express multi-purpose ATMs, which allow customers to deposit money in lei, euros, dollars, including other people’s accounts. In addition, BANCA Transilvania offers customers the option of making bank deposits, checking balances, sending statements by e-mail, exchanging currency by sending money directly to personal accounts or exchanging currencies between their own accounts. .


BANCA Transylvania it also talks about multi-purpose BT Express Plus ATMs that allow you to withdraw money via NFC with BT Pay or Apple Pay based on the code generated by the app. In addition, BANCA Transilvania says it offers all the options from previous ATMs and the ability to deposit money into other people’s accounts based on their CNP or a company based on a CUI provided in advance. .

BANCA Transylvania has created this network of multi – purpose ATMs because customers from all over Romania need to be offered the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of features that are not normally available. The problem is that the multi-purpose ATMs that have the most services available do not exist in all BANCA Transilvania agencies in Romania, so you will need to look for them in different locations to be able to use them.

BANCA Transylvania he knows full well that there are enough people who need the services of such ATMs, and that’s why he created them, so you just have to look for them.

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