Thursday , August 5 2021

Apex Legends reaches 10 million players

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Just three days after the launch, Apex Legends has already reached the threshold of 10 million players, who managed to win a million players in less than eight hours. This was announced by the developer Respawn Entertainment on Thursday.

Apex Legende belongs to the battle war games category and was released on Monday at the same time as the Respawn Entertainment developers for Titanfall. The game is available free of charge and can be played on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, which surely helped make it so far in such a short time. You can also download it via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Origin.

Apex Legende inspired other popular games such as Fortnit and PUBG, where players descend to the island, where the area is decreasing, as they fight for the last survivors. Nothing new ever.

Apex Legends differs from the competition with its unique characters, each with different abilities and personality, and the fact that if you play your cards well, you can revive dead teammates from your team.

Now it seems that Apex Legends will be on the popular Fortnat and PUBG roads, but still need to see how it will develop in the coming months. If Respawn Entertainment keeps a constant stream of content updates, things can go for their benefit.

Apex Legends will be hard to overcome the possible footage of PUBG and Fortune, which brought hundreds of millions of players. But 10 million players after only 72 hours is an impressive start.

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