The caravan sector is threatening to stop – Economy


Trainee managers think that they will move forward with national stoppage contrary to the lack of response to high fuel prices. According to the National Automobile Industry Association (ARAN), there are many "small but large" companies that are at risk of closure, says CM secretary general of the association Nelly Valkanova.

"Only between August and October, the price of simple diesel fuel increased from 1,359 to 1,426 euros," says ARAN leader, who warns that the difference from August 2016 is "indecent". According to the financial statements of the association of services in Lisbon, Porto amounts to 353.3 euros of fuel, which is 68.8 euros more than two years ago.

The effect of this increase is therefore "great" for those companies, where diesel represents 50% of costs, says the ARAN General Secretary, who considers the situation unsustainable.

The Association regrets that the Enforcer has refused the extension of the expert gas oil to the sector and considers that due to the lack of alternative options, there has been a delay. "If these companies had a very complex scenario when fuel values ​​were lower, today entrepreneurs can no longer operate." And criticized the fact that the Executive Director is only prepared to be transferred to the additional provider of Internet gasoline services.

In addition to the price of gas oil, companies complain that the price paid for services by travel assistance companies – practically the only tug customer – remains the same as in 2016.

The latest data indicate the existence of 800 emergency medicine companies, of which 300 are linked to ARAN. Already in 2008, companies in the sector stopped protesting against the increase in fuels.

This year, the price of a barrel of oil reached its top-level time, about 140 dollars.


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