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The Bitcoin network is now stronger than the crypto-price in 2017


While Bitcoin's price declined at the time of writing and attempted to maintain earnings in the range of $ 10,000, BTC's hashrate is much higher than what we observed in 2017, close to its historic high share. crypto close to 20 thousand USD. According to, Bitcoin now has more computing power than ever before, as it was another milestone, as its speed reaches its highest point and reaches 79 TH / s. 2 July.

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According to Cointelegraph, the degree of dispersion is widely accepted as a measure of how stable the security of transactions in Bitcoins, and has recorded record highs in recent weeks and months, from June 21 (65 trillion TH / s) and 1 July (70 trillion TH / s). While Bitcoin pricing is a key player in mining mathematics, movements in the market currently have a lesser impact on hashrate, at least until halved, which will in turn reduce the mining reward.

This was the conclusion made last week by regular dealer Filb, who found that Bitcoin's price is likely to have a greater impact than mining companies next year. Bitcoin's mining problem, which has also recently reached new peaks, is likely to increase, as the dispersion rate continues to increase.

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