Tesla's car crashed into the hands of hackers at Pwn2Own in 2019


Like some of the operating systems, Tesla vehicles are also considered to be the safest. This protection covers areas that go beyond their structures.

Your software is proprietary and is constantly updated. But all this protection has now fallen when Tesla is the victim of such attacks, at Pwn2Own in 2019.

Tesla Pwn2Own car hackers browser

Pwn2Own is an annual event that focuses on security issues in many areas. When we saw when the main browsers were attacked and the flaws were discovered, it is now the goal of the cars.

Tesla was the victim of hackers on Pwn2Own

And, as it seems incredible, it was also a victim in 2019. The Fluoroacetate Group, consisting of Amat Cama and Richard Zhu, focused on Tesla's efforts and managed to complete his experiments.

The browser of this car was unsuccessful

The attacker's duet to overcome Tesla's protection was his browser. They used the JIT error in the browsing process to start the code in the car's software. The end result was the presentation of a message in your entertainment system.

This feat finally earned the award of Group 2 immediately. The first was the sum of $ 35,000, while the other was a car that they succeeded in successfully attacking. The team eventually earned an additional $ 375,000 to break Safari, Firefox, Edge, VMware Workstation and Windows 10.

Tesla Pwn2Own car hackers browser

The update will be published soon.

After the breakdown of Tesla's car breakdown, the company quickly recognized the problem. An update will soon be published to resolve this issue. This will return security to your cars.

After years of focusing on browsers, operating systems and software, it's time for cars to be attacked. These new scenarios are important because they can prevent much more problems in real situations.


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