Monday , October 18 2021

Samsung starts Beta for Android Pie, they know what to do to prepare


Samsung began testing Android Pie for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + in November. Along with the new version of the operating system comes One UI, a new version of the proprietary brand interface, which gives users a nice look at the future of the devices, even in a release that may still contain bugs and problems.

In the initial phase, which is open and free to all Samsung Galaxy S9 owners who want to participate, only three countries will receive Beta: the United States, South Korea and Germany. The manufacturer promises to add several regions by the end of this year, In the coming weeks, the expectation is that Brazil will be so important for the brand as one of the next issues.

The process of updating the operating system can be relatively easy to implement, simply download the update and perform the installation, but when it comes to Beta, an unexpected problem can occur. It's best to get ready to do this, so we've prepared a list of items to be filled in to get you any easier transition to Android Pie.

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Safe copying

Applications such as Smart Switch or Samsung Cloud can be used to store all data on your phone at the same time

This recommendation, if possible, flashes on the screen and with a much larger font than it permits. Saving information on a device is a necessary measure not only between operating system upgrades, but at any time in life, as it can reduce data loss due to software or hardware problems, as well as the loss or theft of devices.

Samsung itself offers two solutions directly targeted for this purpose. The first and most important of them is Smart Switch, a computer application that can back up all the information on the device. Simply connect the phone to the device and wait for the file storage process, which may take more or less depending on the amount of data available. The software can handle everything from photos, files and application history to SMS, settings and layout of icons on the home screen.

Anyone who prefers to encircle the cloud can also use Samsung Cloud, a manufacturer's own solution that stores data in the cloud according to its name. Simply connect your device to your company account and wait while the platform itself performs all the work on data transfer, just like the Smart Switch. In case of problems, simply download a backup to return the device to the old format.

If you wish, you can also access other backups manually or not. For example, Google Photos can automatically save images and videos from the device in the cloud, while platforms such as Dropbox and OneDrive can use the same backup service or other data on your phone.

Update all apps

Android Beta Beta for Samsung Galaxy S9 starts in three countries and maybe soon comes to Brazil

Operating system updates often cause problems even after startup, due to the fact that platform and platform developers do not always go the same fast. Whenever a new version of Android is released or in anticipation of this, it's usually a flood of updating applications that are downloading and can not be different with Android Pie.

Now Samsung is already strongly recommending the upgrade of solutions, such as Pay, Notes, Cloud and others from its proprietary services before any operating system update, the same applies to all other solutions that are present in it. Enter the Play Store and complete the process as soon as you download Beta from Android Pie so you always have the latest version of everything installed on your device.

Attention to the battery

Who has a strong bank is not afraid of this icon

One of the main problems with the previous upgrade of this category is related to battery consumption. In Beta versions of this type, the power of the device can go very fast, so you should pay attention to this after the update for Android Pie.

If you rely on your mobile phone for work, studies, or any other day-to-day activity, it's most important to wait or to get a portable battery before starting the process. This way, you remain protected against any power problems and can quietly test the new version of the operating system.

Anything, just go back

Android Pie Beta allows you to upgrade and you can return to the final version in the event of a problem

Setting up your device is not the easiest, but it may be necessary if your Android Pie makes the device useless. The possibilities of this event are small, as all work is done precisely to avoid such problems, but there is only enough room for them to remain alert and, if necessary, return to the old edition in order to restore normal operation.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9, the dance enters Smart Switch again. The software is responsible not only for backing up devices, but also for providing the latest version of Android in case of problems. Simply connect your smartphone using a USB cable, press the "Refresh" button and wait for the process of returning your phone to normal life.

Think about it

Who needs a mobile phone to work, for example, maybe wait for the release of the final version of Android Pie (Image: Press Release / Samsung)

As said, Beta testing is designed to ensure that the application or operating system works the way it should be when it is released to the public. Insofar as developers take care to prevent upgrade problems, they may exist, so participating in such experiments is not recommended for everyone.

If you are dependent on your mobile phone in everyday life or are in any situation where it can not be difficult at all, it's better to wait. Also, if you are not intimidated with backup tools or upgrades, this is worth it unless you have, of course, such a guide from Canaltech and decide to go deeper into the tools we have listed here.

Everything has two sides and each choice is a denial, as the poet said. In exchange for using (before) each Android Pie with the new Samsung interface, you will also be in the group of people who represent the first line in case of serious operating system problems. Is it worth it? The answer is at your discretion.

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