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"Fourth National Force (4.FND) paratroopers in the Central African Republic (4.FND) are the second paratrooper paratrooper for the second consecutive day, with Bambari in the city on November 2, 2018. There are no injuries to sign up for the Portuguese forces, "said the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

The President of the Republic has already sent a message
"very special" support for the Portuguese military in a mission
In Central Africa, noting that the last weeks were "difficult".

"In view of the size of the threat, the existence of barricades and the power of the opposition group are in large numbers" with "heavy weapons and spears"missiles (RPG), "reaffirmed" by "Portuguese soldiers", describes the same record.

The shots of mid-town Bambari, explains the commander in chief of the armed forces "come from places inhabited by civilians who are not affected by armed groups."

"In particular, the population of the town of Bambar had been the target in the last few weeks due to the constant threats and blackmail of the elements of the armed groups."

The General Staff emphasizes that "this fight in a high-intensity urban environment by the Portuguese army was particularly demanding in order to minimize the risk of damage resulting from the presence of civilians nearby."

Military personnel emphasize that the Portuguese mission in this country is primarily intended to "protect the civilian population, support the peace process, promote humanitarian aid and safeguard United Nations staff, equipment, equipment and facilities". the Security Council.

The mandate of the special Portuguese troops expressly sets out actions to enable effective prevention, deterrence and effective response to the serious and credible threats to the civilian population.

Antena 1, spokesman for the armed forces chief, Commander Pedro Dias, confirmed that the Portuguese army faces complex hours.


Since 2017, the Portuguese forces have been part of the UN Integrated Multidimensional Mission as part of the Stabilization of the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) – an Infantry Company operating from Bangui as Rapid Reaction Force.

António Mateus, recently interviewed by RTP's journalist, Major Balla Keita, Senegal Sen., military commander of MINUSCA, praised the behavior of the Portuguese special forces and pointed out that thousands of lives had been saved in the Central African Republic.

In 2013, the Central African Republic deteriorated with violence after the then president, François Bozizé, overthrew various groups, called the SELEKT, or coalition. The fall of Bozizé led to another group of designated militias for confrontation Anti-Balaka.The 4th common national common force
Central African Republic includes nearly 160 military personnel. Your mission has started
on September 5th. Portugal also participates in the European Training Mission
Military Central African Republic, with 45 soldiers.

At present, Faustin-Archanger Touadera's government, the current president, controls one-fifth of the area. More than 15 militia controls the rest of the country and raises extreme violence to the civilian population for kidnapping and robbery of natural resources. The war of the country produced 700,000 residences and 570,000 refugees.

Nearly three million people are dependent on humanitarian aid.

In the northwestern part of the country, last week, more than 10,000 people were found shelter at the Batangafo Médecins Sans Frontières hospital, according to the humanitarian organization.

On Wednesday and Thursday, at least three camps were set out from Batangafo and a market and four schools for displaced children. These attacks have caused at least two dozen wounded.

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