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A group of parents and students objected to the lack of staff at the Braga D. Maria II high school with 14 operational assistants who organized more than 1,500 students.

Reporting to reporters, school director João Dantas explained that students' "hygiene and security" is actually idle, and there are corridors that do not have a single employee.

Lusa, Councilor of Braga, Lídia Dias, said that the inclusion of secondary school operational assistants is "dependent on the Ministry of Education and not on autarchy, and the position of D. Maria II is not the only one".

"We were in a very worrying situation because we started to be in a position without hygiene, cleaning the rest, the rooms and the bathrooms, cleaned every other day," said João Dantas.

The II. The Director of Mary D. also warned of the poor security conditions of the complex: "There are no runners who do not have any employees," he said.

Parents are also concerned about the safety of their children: "If a student feels bad in a class who accompanies her, the teacher leaves it?" "This questions the safety and hygiene of our children," said Paula Ganho, President of the Parent Association.

The Hearing Officer of the Education Folder also stated that "a large proportion of employees are missing from staffing, which does not help, and it is true that there is a shortage of staff, this is a recurring problem."

According to parents, "at least according to the law," the school must have 23 operational assistants, "and it would still be too small for the approximately 1,600 students who attended this school."

National Association of Local and Regional Workers, Public Enterprises, Concessions and Similar (STAL) Workers, coordinator of the North Zone, Orlando Gonçalves said that the school is "in the medium term.

"That's not enough," she said.


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