Pickford targets Mourinho – England


The coach is preparing for the "attack" by Marco Silva to complete the possible departure of United's De Gea

David De Gea created a novel in Manchester at his renovation and Jose Mourinho, warning of a possible exit from Spanish, 28, will already define his replacement: Jordan Pickford.

According to the English press, the Spanish international refused to propose extensions proposed by the coach of the United and Portuguese national teams who are aware of the scenario and know that his player's contract ends at the end of the season, picked Pickford as the future guardian of Old Trafford lighthouses. Special One will be able to buy one of Everton's jewels, led by cousin Marco Silva. In England, it is believed that the United Nations has already begun talks with toffees, which offer nearly 70 million euros.

Also note that the interest of the Mourinho, which is a 24-year-old goalkeeper, is nothing new, as in the last closing-off, Pickford's good performance in the world in 2018 led to his association with red devils. The option is now becoming even more powerful at a time when De Gea is considered the potential future goalkeeper of Juventus.

Filipe Balreira


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