"Do you think I am satisfied? That did not work out, see the procedure"


Cheerleader Juve Leo will be waiting for a trial in freedom, just like Bruno de Carvalho.

Detained Sunday, Mustafa learned yesterday that he will be waiting for a free trial with Bruno de Carvalho. At the exit of the Barreiro Tribunal, Juventud Leonina, the leader of the jury, spoke to reporters and left the guarantee. "I am not a drug dealer nor a terrorist, I am the leader of Juve Lea," he said.

In spite of being left out, the Juve Leo fan says he will not let himself be happy. "I have nothing to do with this, I am not a terrorist, I am not a drug dealer," Mustafa shot.

Bruno de Carvalho and Mustafa were arrested on Sunday on the basis of orders issued by the LIAP from Lisbon, with the former president of Sporting being charged with 57 offenses related to the Alcochete Academy attack, which occurred on May 15, including terrorism, deterioration of physical offenses or abduction, while Nuno Mendes was charged with 58 crimes. In both cases, the defendant is charged with another criminal offense in relation to the number indicated by the public prosecutor.


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