Monday , March 8 2021

Do you need help with stopping smoking? Try one of these applications | Addiction

Do you want to quit smoking for a long time, but always get an excuse (though not always easy)? It will be even harder to avoid: we know that leaving an addiction can not be an easy task, so we have chosen five mobile phone applications that will send you motivational messages, suggest relaxing exercises to avoid relapses and even report money to save. Take advantage of the excuse and do this Saturday, November 17, your day – a non-smoking day.

But firstly, there are figures: according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Program Smoking Control Program, Kristina Mauer-Stender, one of the five Portuguese more than 15 baths. Of these, 80% "have expressed the desire to quit smoking, but only 5% can leave with success and without medical help," says Ana Patrícia Dias, president of the Association of General Physicians and the Northern Zone Association (AIMGFZN) in the statement. Moreover, tobacco per year kills more than 11,800 Portuguese people and contributes to one death every 50 minutes, according to the statistics for 2016, published in page National Health Service (SNS). Sounds awful?

If you are a smoker and want to stop being part of these troubling numbers, call your phone and install one of these free apps:

No more motivated than to be able to see how many hours you do not smoke, how many cigarettes you've smoked, and how much you've saved. This application all this and still speaks of what is improving in your health when you step into the step – it means that the longer you go without smoking. If you give up, ask for help and the application will give you tips and motivations to prevent your desire. And do not worry, there is no limit to the call for help.

This role can be for you – or for someone who wants to help you: there is a program for smokers and carers. You can install it if you stop smoking or if you want to achieve this goal. Then count smoked cigarettes, save money and save time (yes, smoking lasts a considerable part of your time). This application allows you to enter in addition to the emergency button chat and talk to people who are in the same position as you: after all, unity is power.

The cessation of smoking in order to have money for a mini-holiday can be a good tactic. That app allows you to define goals and monitor the time that you have completed. Interesting facts, important information about smoking, promotional messages, and changes in the body: with this application until you know how long your eyelashes work for regeneration.

If nothing works with you, you can try the hypnosis method. Quit Smoking offers many songs that you need to start listening to before closing, which will explain why you should leave addiction at the same time as you "raise" in your subconscious. Maybe we should change playlist These belts, because app he recommends that you listen several times.

If this can not be controlled app You will have to learn. Lessons and exercises for relaxation and learning of control over desire, daily goals and control of smoking will be some of the help you can get. In addition, Craving to Quit measures how much you feel like smoking and trying to figure out what triggered it. Then you can afford two obvious options: smoking or resisting. The same ones you have after reading this text.

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