Courier service in office supplies and office supplies is something that is censored and censored by others


Among beers sold at the same count, where a postal order or water payment has been accepted, life usually takes place in Livração, the parish of Marco de Canaveses, in the north of the country.

There, the Universal Postal Service (SPU) is insured in the Café Deportivo, where coffee, juices and toast served customers, such as Manuel Andrade, 86, who looks forward to "two in one" setting up.

"To the left is for mail, on the right is to order drinks," sums up Manuel Andrade, which explains that if there is someone who will break the confidentiality of the SPU, "the master of the coffee demands respect."

Amadeu Costa, 74, also works without any embarrassment between letters and commands, and the clinking of coffee cups and beers.

"I like it a lot because I like beer too. I also want to stop at the coffee shop, play in Swedish, and that does not hinder anyone."

Ana Ribeiro, 25, believes that in Livraçau the most important thing is that the CTT is close to the population, in the "transition area" and does not see problems with simultaneous mail and coffee.

Coordinator of the National Carpathians Association (ANAFRE) in Porto, Nuno Fonseca, claims that the opening of CTT stations in "caricat" places is alarming.

"We have examples of cartoons: in insurance companies, in a supermarket, in a café, in the office. Almost mentioned: in the middle of two coffee and beer is given a register or cautious. This is alarming," says Nuno Fonseca.

According to ANAFRE, the main concern of the CTT closure plan, which has been going on since 2014, is the "loss of public service".

Still in the north, at Paredes, the CTT Station was born in Papelaria Cunha, about 200 meters from the CTT / Bank store.

Rosa Maria, Madame da Cunha, says letters, orders and "everything warned" occurred in June 2017 for its establishment.

Asked why the SPU at the office building near the CTT shop offers the SPU, the owner merely states that this is "surplus value" because the schedule is much more flexible "for customers.

For Lus, CTT said that "they strengthen the number of points, maintain the capillarity of the network to respond to quality to customer needs and the proximity of the population, and promote the local economy in cases of association with private partners."

The official source of the CTT adds that "all stores offer delivery advice, whether these are registers, mass items, and orders".

But Suzana Costa, a Cunha customer, reveals she was unable to pay a CTT traffic card and was sent to the station.

Adelina Pinto, party of office material, also considered that the birth of CTT jobs can not be guaranteed by the "secrecy" and "confidentiality" that the SPU is linked to in places that are not traditional.

"It seems more embarrassing to me," said Adelina Pinto, who thinks it's "weird" that she failed to deliver the order at CTT de Paredes and was sent to work.

Official data show that in Portugal, there are 2 386 CTTs, with more than 100 thousand clients per day, and that the closure plan has closed 53 stores so far.

At Lucia, CTT stated that the plan was not closed for replacement, as the retail network assessment was "permanent".

"We have progressed with a few dozen swaps that were the fastest by the end of this year in order to start a new phase in postal and logistics investments in 2019," said CTT.

The closure plan phase can be "completed by the end of the year", but CTT assumes that the years 2019 and 2020 may be "on-the-spot replacements" in cases where it would be more convenient to have mail.

State Secretary for Infrastructure Guilherme d 'Oliveira Martins, in charge of communications, has already announced that the government will not tolerate a "margin" of "incapacity" or "default" in the SPU.

Lusa tried to determine from the CTT how many shops were closed in the north of the country, and the official source said that these values ​​were not broken down. "


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