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caring for men with their health


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On Monday, July 15, the Human Day is celebrated. Contrary to what many think, they are more concerned about health, aesthetics every year, and are more dedicated to balanced nutrition, physical exercise and eye care.

According to the expert for nutrition Azen Academia, Catarine Entringer, the demand for male audiences has increased. Because men are more practical, it is a hint for them to get involved in routine eating habits in the simplest possible way, so that respect can be achieved and thus quality of life is achieved.

"In order to have a healthy diet, we need to start focusing more on what to include, not on what to exclude from eating. It is important that we change gradually gradually. Men have one advantage: the metabolism is usually faster than women. when we are beginning to make changes today, it is possible to end the year healthy, in shape and with reshaped habits, "says a nutritionist.

Experts believe that taking better routines and continually updating test stances that prevent disease, ensure quality of life and contribute to longevity. "They are simple worries, but they can not be missed. If you are healthy to eat, practice physical exercise, ensure sleep quality and control stress is everything that the body requires for health, vitality, increased concentration and productivity at work, and provides energy by the end of the day" he says.

Another important factor in preventing problems is cultivating self-esteem. According to Professor Maiky Recka, the Academy of Asian Studies, he has a positive opinion about himself very good physical and mental health. "In addition to increasing the visual appearance, one of the benefits of exercise is the release of hormones that increase a person's sense of well-being and self-esteem. This is essential for a balanced and happy life, "she adds.

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