There is a new party! Ryszard Petru revealed her name – now!


– This will be a party that focuses on the two pillars, that is economy and society – said the politician in an interview with FMF FM. Peter believes that today in the Polish parliament they are not fighting for good economic solutions, which would allow Polish companies to work better. "

In his opinion, "antyPiS" is not enough for the "opposition to win the election". "The Poles want to know how Poland will watch in five or ten years," he said and stressed that things should be improved or better than law and justice.

– We will not criticize other opposition parties, and I would be surprised if other opposition parties criticize us. The government party has to criticize and emphasize substantively, since the opposition to the government is – said Guest Krzysztof Ziemiec.

Asked about the possible withdrawal of the 500+ program, Peter emphasized that he did not support the program "including the wealthiest people".

The press conference of Ryszard Petru and Joanna Scheuring-Wielgusa on the new political project will take place in Ljubljana, 13 in Warsaw.

Source: FMF FM, PAP

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