Monday , June 21 2021

The traces of this crime against democracy are being intensively erased and the right leaves an opportunity to reveal the truth

In my opinion, most commentators misunderstand how the Open Dialog Foundation took over a vulgar factory of hatred and lies called “Beetroot Juice”.

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They want to lose the advantage

The alleged “business expansion” is a smokescreen. As if to say that a Russian troll factory, if taken over by a company, will “expand its business”. The essence of the eastern troll factories and their platformer copies on the Vistula River is a secret and hidden activity. The attacks should be carried out secretly and robbery – then they will be effective.

The essence of the operation is different words.

As a result of an agreement with the entire editorial team, the responsibility for the further operation of the SokzBurak website and the direction of its development is officially taken over by the team of the Open Dialogue Foundation. This is symbolized by a new logo – green, ODF leaves will grow over pink beetroot

– wrote on the FB website “Burake Juice”.

Suddenly, an “editorial team” appeared to us. Where is the operative? For whose money? Who is in charge This is not an attempt by civilization to satire, but to hide the truth about the criminal formula of action.

It is a system of lies

I remember the questions I asked recently after the further details of this disinformation operation were revealed:

Was the mass network of disinformation funded by patrons and politicians associated with the work of the opposition?

Did the campaign of deliberately spreading lies determine the outcome of the Warsaw elections?

Have such services been offered to other political circles as well?

Did Facebook allow illegal money to be pumped into the election campaigns of some candidates in this way? Do the standards of this portal allow for the long-term and mass spread of hatred against the conservative side of public life?

Were some major commercial media also involved in this factory of lies?

Were the texts planted there by prominent columnists and left-wing journalists?

Were the founders of this illegal network rewarded for positions in local government?

These questions need to be answered. The possibility of such attacks on Polish democracy in the future must be blocked. The destruction of people, especially those who oppose the prevailing flow of media and cultural life, must also end with impunity.

Lose a trace

This matter is the guts of dirty politics in Poland. There they met not even many brutal, illegal activities. There has been a crime against our democracy, our public debate. And we are just witnessing a strong blurring of traces. Interruption of continuity. Pouring concrete on “corpses”. That’s it.

And the right is sadly asleep. I threw away the idea of ​​a committee of inquiry. There was a lot of support, but will the conversation stop?

Such situations always take revenge.

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