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The response of his wife Stoch tells everyone about the Poles. What does Justyna łyła say?

Piotr ayła proved to be one of the best ski jumps in the Polish national team during the season. Kamil Stoch did not have such good offers. The woman decided to criticize the great master. According to Internet users, the first of these players could not count on similar support from the former beloved.

Piotr łyła has a difficult, but also a successful season. Skoczek recently separated from a woman whose openness in dealing with her husband caused considerable controversy. As the fans have long said, the player could not count on his beloved support when his career was in crisis.

Piotr Zyla could not count on the help received by Kamil Stoch?

Kamila Stocha's wife acted differently. Ewa Bilan-Stoch decided to respond to critics who unexpectedly fell on her husband. The head of the Polish team recorded a big drop in the form, which did not escape the watchful eye of the fans. So the woman wanted to show how much her beloved loved her that the Polish sport was known, but she also showed that the national ski jumpers had an inappropriate attitude.

Ewa Bilan-Stoch published a photo of her medal in her account at Instagram, which her husband won during the Olympic and World Championships arranged in bouquet. Although this time an excellent player has not shown his full potential, in the past, with his spectacular performance at great events, he was impressed by the whole world.

– Eternal flowers with the smell of Kamil Stoch. I always like his smile more, "wrote Bilan-Stoch, defending his husband and reminding him how much he managed to reach.


Kamila Stocha's wife remained firm in his defense

Many fans of the sport were impressed with the artistic vision of his wife and her firm response to the criticism she had come to. In a number of comments, the Internaughters congratulated Stoch for his wonderful achievements and so devoted love.

– Wonderful photo. It is good that Kamil found such a wonderful woman who supports him – you deserve each other – wrote one of Stoca's most loyal fans.

– I think you should congratulate yourself, thank you and the medal – it gives a lot of support! – added another surfer.

– A beautiful flower, which in itself will never fade, just like your love, will always be alive. It is also very special because it is associated with enormous joys, sacrifices, emotions and tears. Kamil is very happy that he has found such a wonderful woman as you (modest, smart, intelligent), who always supports and supports it everywhere – said another fan of the Polish team of jumper.


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