The recognition of Woźniak-Starak was done by Rusin! I want to do this with Agnieszko!


Agnieszka Szulim Badziak Woźniak-Starak (40 years old) surprised her friend from the station. Kinga Rusin (47 years) did not leave without a reply. Are we seeing a new friendship in show business? What about Rosen?

A few months ago Agnieszka burned in the "fact" that she was attracted to by Rusin.

The wife of the billionaire's son said she would be ready with you for the day. Of course, if she was a man …

"I admire her for how strong a woman is, if she were a man, she would be my kind," announced Shulim.

The Tabloid went to former Tomek Lisa, who asked for comment on "bullying" a friend from the station.

It turned out that King's ego praised Agnieszke's praise.

"Agnieszka has the opportunity to meet, why not! We exchanged SMS under this statement, which is – I'm not hiding – very nice," says Kinga.

So it seems that we are witnessing the birth of a new friendship in show business. There is only one small problem …

It is not a secret that Szulim and her spouse are friends with Gosko Rozenek and Majdan, and those who are supposed to be treasures – do not like King.

Who will Agnieszka choose?


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