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The pump crashed in the dream line. Passengers 'taken away' for repair


The fault of the hydraulic pump for ten hours was based on LOT's dreaming in Beijing. 249 passengers were waiting for a cruise to Warsaw. Of the four, the representative of the carrier lent money to pay for the repair. "This situation would never have happened," the messenger of the company admits and apologizes.

"LOT flight is at Beijing airport", wrote to Reporter 24. Boeing 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to leave for Warsaw on Monday at 8:45 local time.

Adrian Kubicki, a spokeswoman for LOT Polish Airlines, says the reason for the delay is the technical defect of the airplane. – Leakage of hydraulic fluid was detected after landing. It was necessary to replace one of the hydraulic pumps, it has already happened – said Konrad Majszyk from the line service of the line. Passengers arrived at Warsaw until 11 pm

Passenger loan

The passenger reported the Newsweek editorial board, who claimed that a worker from a Beijing warehouse did not want to accept other forms of payment for repairs as money. The representative of LOT did not have an appropriate amount with him. He decided to apply for a loan.

This information was confirmed by a company representative. – After several conversations, our representative acknowledged that he actually spoke with four passengers and lent him money ad hoc, – admitted Adrian Kubicki. He added that employees and warehouse staff will have to explain.

The agreement between Lot and Boeing, which was responsible for the repair, was designed in such a way that all repairs were carried out without money. – In aviation, it's not unusual to pay in cash for temporary repairs and temporarily acquired parts. But in this case, it was part of Boeing, with whom we cooperate, he stressed.

"The representative made a mistake"

The representative of the LOT must have a cash and a credit card with him. The company provides them with resources to deal with similar situations. "There is no circumstance that justifies the demand for this passenger money," Kubicki claimed. – Our representative decided that withdrawal from ATMs would last longer than money from passengers, which he claimed to have known. Even if he acted in good faith, he made a mistake. We do not accept such standards. There was no one with her decision, nobody disagreed, he admitted.

When the plane landed in Warsaw, LOT representatives met with four passengers. They gave them the money they borrowed immediately. According to Kubica, there were about two and a half thousand yuan, which corresponds to approximately 1,300 zlotys. – As part of the excuse and thanks, we decided to enter these passengers for each year LOT – he added.

"Passengers such as this"

The consequences will be LOT representative in Beijing. As a representative of the reserve company, it will only happen after hearing his explanation. – This person has a very long history of working on LOT, abroad, especially in Asia. Passengers like him, very much – said Kubica.

Tickets for Monday from the dream line from Beijing to Warsaw were purchased by 249 passengers. The LOT spokesman ensured that passengers received accommodation from the carrier while waiting for a trip to Warsaw.

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