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Last weekend I've got the best Xiaomi phones for you up to 500 PLN for you. Undoubtedly, this was a topic introduced by Facebook groups dominated by Chinese proposals. However, after an impact, you must also have an alternative. Those who do not want Xiaomi from their preferences should be respected. The mobile market is so diverse that the best phone is up to 500 zlotys is really a broad concept. Why exactly 500 zlotys? Because I think that this amount is minimal, buy a device for which we will not specifically complain. In this case, do the job.

The best phone for 500 zlotys


motorola moto e5

Let's start with Motorola, who, as part of his budget line Moto E last year, proposed a model like the Moto E5. You will find this smartphone for less than 500 zlotys and stand out from the competition primarily because it is powered by Qualcomm. Of course, Snapdragon 425 is not a speed demon, but definitely enough for basic activities, e.g. browse websites, watch videos on YouTube (IPS!) or very simple games. In addition, it is a large battery, with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which gives us a very attractive offer. Those interested in something smaller can see the Moto E5 Play, which you can buy for about 350 zlotys. It offers a completely identical computing circuit, but a smaller screen (5.3 to 5.7) with a lower resolution (480p vs 720p) and a much smaller battery (2100 mAh). Both models feature clean software.

huawei y6

The alternative to the Moto E5 is the Huawei Y6, but in reality we get the same differences as the smaller battery (3000 mAh) and the worse the camera. There was no fingerprint reader too. So there are many such alternatives for the Moto E5, but in any case, there will be something missing.


I can not hide that we had a lot of photos of Xiaomi sponge from which we can choose. From the iPhone SE for lovers of tiny smartphones, through the leading Huawei P9, Samsung Galaxy S6 or Sony Xperia XZ, ending with such attractions as BlackBerry. However, I do not conceal that age is also a factor affecting the choice of a mobile device. It provides, inter alia, longer support, even informally. My first proposal is visible over the Samsung Galaxy S7, an ideal development from the Koreanswhich fixes all the defects of the Galayx S6 revolution. It's still an effective computer system, a great screen and camera, as well as waterproofing. Of course, in the case of used copies, the secret is.

samsung galaxy a6 a6 +

The other offer is again Samsung, but this time certainly a newer or last year's Galaxy A6. It's not a demon, but it offers an AMOLED display with new proportions, up to 4 GB of RAM and for many attractive designs with metal design.


Okay, let's leave the Koreans and take a workshop … other Koreans or LG. Frankly, I was very surprised at how quickly the G6 prices fell. So far, this smartphone is in use in the budget. Of course, this is not the ideal model because it has had more problems in its life – including the screen. A verified copy, perhaps with a warranty, may prove successful.

The best phone for 500 zlotys? The choice is really huge

Huawei P20 Lite front and rear

This time we leave South Korea forever and take a look at China. For less than 500 zlotys we will easily receive the Huawei P20 Lite. There are also slow auctions from the Mate 20 Lite so that one of these two models is selected. Naturally, if I want to be more confident in purchasing, I would suggest an older proposal.

Nokia 5.1

The next point on the list is Nokia 5.1, something for people who definitely appreciate performance over capacity. It's really hard to find a better model in this statement, given their age. Of course, the Finnish model will not be a speed demon, but we must not forget that it has recently received Android Pie.

In the end we will stop in Asia and, more precisely, in Japan. I mentioned that iPhone SE is a child, but I also have another small offer – the Xperia Z5 Compact. Yes, this is a smartphone that can be 3 years old and has a flawless Snapdragon 810 on board. These are definitely the biggest shortcomings, but for someone looking for a small device, it should be for survival. The second alternative from Japan is the year younger Xperia XZ. More effective and generally better in all respects. Of course, it's not that small anymore.

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As you can see, not a person lives alone, and even in a budget of up to 500 zlotys, you can find many interesting alternatives. Only you have to ask yourself, what should the device be used for? Proper filtering with your needs, we will get an interesting replacement for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. Traditionally, I wonder which model to choose?

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