Monday , March 8 2021

Spotify Premium for 99 PLN for 3 months

Spotify is favorite flow platform Polish music lovers – you can use the site for free, in exchange for permission to show ads or purchase a subscription that gives you unlimited freedom in choosing the artists and songs you listen to.

Spotify Premium In addition, it allows you to listen to music offline (after downloading to the device), the pampers site pays users to provide them with music of significantly higher quality.

Spotify has 190 million people worldwide, of which 87 million are paid for a subscription. The streaming platform hopes to have access to music for a quarter 99 cents will allow you to attract new users.

Black Friday 2018 – Spotify Premium for 99 cents in 3 months

The last sentence lies with a hook that is related to the offer – is only available to people who do not yet use the charms of a paid version Spotify.

99 groszy for 3 months will be paid only by persons for whom the first contact with the Spotify Premium platform will encourage you to try your job, and hopes that after you get used to the good users they will not want to give up musical luxury.

You can use the offer to the end 2018.

The full price for monthly access to Spotify is 19,90 PLN – users have already found ways to reduce their accounts by creating fictitious family accounts. The streaming service announced that it would begin to check whether the listeners actually live under one roof.

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