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Śniadek: Stores will not be converted by mail


The amendment to the Prohibition of Trade Act on Sunday and on holidays was, inter alia, included because trade could not be converted by mail – said PiS MP Janusz Śniadek for PAP. On Tuesday, PiS members submitted a draft amendment to the Trade Restriction Act on Sundays and public holidays.

"The purpose of the amendment is to prevent the Żabki funds from pretending to be post offices," said PiS Janusz Śniadek for PAP, who is the representative of the applicants. The current law prohibiting trade on Sundays and public holidays is one of the exceptions that are not included in the prohibition of mail.

Sniadek said that the second change should lead to the sale of not only the owner, but also his family on the trading days.

As the MP emphasized, the draft also introduces several amendments that detail the previous definitions.

The parliamentary draft law amending the Trade Restriction Act on Sundays and public holidays and some other days is not yet available in the electronic version or received a printed number.

In accordance with the law, which entered into force on March 1, trade on Sunday is allowed only on the first and last Sunday of each month of 2018 (with the exception). From 1 January 2019, the provisions of the Trade Restriction Act will be tightened on Sundays – trading will be allowed one Sunday in the month – the last one.

The law provides a catalog of 32 exclusions. The ban, among other things, does not apply to confectionery, ice cream shops, liquid petrol stations, florists, press shops, post offices. To suspend the ban on Sunday trade, the penalty is 1 thousand. PLN up to 100 thousand PLN and with a persistent violation of the law – a penalty for limiting freedom.

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