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Renewable Energy Act – industry opinion


The Ministry of Energy and the Government at work on amending the law on renewable energy sources showed a rational approach and openness to the arguments – says the chairman of the Polish Association for Wind Energy Janusz Gajowiecki. It emphasizes that the project no longer contains explicit negative records for the industry.

  • The draft amendment to the Renewable Energy Act was received last week by the Sejm
  • Its goal is to accelerate investments in RES, so that by the end of next year our country will fulfill the goal of the share of renewable energy sources
  • Ideas that are contrary to the general purpose of the draft amendment have been removed from it – said the President of the Polish Association for Wind Energy Janusz Gajowiecki

In the project that went to the Sejm last week, it is expected the implementation of auctions in 2019, which will lead to the construction of new 2,500 MW of new capacity in the field of wind energy. The Energy Regulatory Office, whose task is to conduct an auction, has already warned that the law should enter into force by the end of July at the latest.

The Ministry of Energy acknowledged the overall purpose of the change promoting investment in renewable energies, so that at the end of 2020, Poland will meet the target of a share of energy from renewable sources. Auctions for wind turbines to 2,500 MW are part of this plan.

– Despite the initial notification of ideas that damage wind power, the ministry has shown a flexible approach and openness to the rational arguments of the social partners. As a result Ideas that are contrary to the general purpose of the draft amendment have been removed – said Gajowiecki in PAP.

He stated, inter alia, the deletion of changes to the replacement fee. He pointed out that, in line with the original proposal of the Ministry of Energy, a new method of calculating the provisional fee would lead to a top-down limit on the revenues of existing installations using the green certificate system.

– Total revenue from the sale of energy and certificates should not exceed 312 PLN / MWh, but in practice it would be even less. In a very short time I would return many producers to bankruptcy – stressed the President of the PWEA.

ME argued that due to high energy prices in 2018, combined with increased regulations on certification prices, wind farms could over-exploit this situation and record high revenues. However, Gajowiecki stressed that wind farms in no way contribute to such a situation as they were caused by external factors.

The provisions on provisional fees are excluded from the draft law on renewable energy sources

Over time, the project was not recorded. Fortunately, the ministry finally accepted the argumentation of the entire renewable energy industry supported by the banking sector, business associations and non-governmental organizations. The withdrawal from the changes in the method of calculating the replacement fee should be unequivocally assessed positively – said Gajowiecki.

He recalled that Grzegorz Tobiszowski, still Deputy Minister of Energy responsible for renewable energy, did not recognize the exit from this idea as a failure of the ministry, but only as a rational approach to the results of the consultations. – The decision to remove the provisions on interim payments without any changes is deserving of recognition – the President of PWEA assessed.

Gajowiecki recalled this as a result of the consultations the resort decided to include in the project a number of changes announced by PWEA and the renewable energy industry aimed at facilitating or even facilitating the construction of a new power. He emphasized that "this is primarily the extension of the validity of the agreements on connection to manufacturers, so that those who will win at this year's auctions will ensure that the device will be connected to the network".


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