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After almost 2 months of intolerable expectations, owners of the latest NVIDIA graphics cards can finally taste highly advertised raytracing. Microsoft has already managed to tackle the October 10 update of Windows 10 and the effect of tracking beams has come Battlefield 5. Only, is the function reserved exclusively for RTX GeForce? One of the users of the Guru3D forum has discovered and described a simple way to improve exposure when using other graphics cards, including those from the AMD Radeon family.

Under the pseudonym "OnnA", the surfer discovered that raytracing can be executed in a configuration file PROFSAVE_profileby changing the arguments of the three functions:

GstRender.Dx12Enabled 1
GstRender.DxREnabled 1
GstRender.RaytraceReflectionQuality 2

The consequence is that the reflection of molecular effects increases. Exactly, as with the use of RTX technology on compatible "green" cards, although the author himself – using the Radeon RX Vega 64 daily – notes that the quality is slightly degraded according to the models that officially support raytracing.

The fact that the change is overloaded with an important problem, namely that it would cause instability of the multiplayer mode. However, in the campaign – as "OnnA" claims – you can use it freely, you enjoy richer graphics. Interestingly, the drop in productivity due to changes has allegedly proved to be irrelevant. The author of the solution talks about animation at the level of 70 frames in a resolution of 2K.

And what right does it work, you ask? Well, the theory has come up with something. As you know, raytracing is not a proprietary idea of ​​NVIDIA, but an extension to the DirectX 12 API, which was easily implemented by the Santa Clara at the hardware level. It is possible that some of the effects added in RTX technology do not really need dedicated computer units or Tensor cores. And these are the effects that unlock the presented hack.

Thanks to the deton24 user for sending information.


The above information appears to be incorrect. An example was investigated by reporters from several western portals with access to the Radeon RX Vega and GeForce RTX cards. Despite the changes in the INI file, "red" accelerators continue to generate only a classic effect screen reflection, although some opinions point to an improvement in its quality due to the described change (and it is likely that if there was an initial belief about the effects of raytracing on Radeon).


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