Minister Anna Zalewska has withdrawn from new teacher ratings, but the strike is still possible


A new assessment of the work of teachers is one of the most important projects of the Minister of Education, Anna Zalewska. The June regulation is expected to increase the ranking of the evaluation, which is why it depends on the possibility of speeding up career advancement and additions.

The list of teachers' demands depends on the degree of progress. Teacher trainees must meet ten, the contract – 14, called – 19, and graduates up to 23 years.

Therefore, each school in Poland must have internal regulations with assessment indicators. There should be more than 20,000 in total. And, as Adam Bodnar rightly announced in the spring, he has created many problems. "The lack of a uniform method of assessing the work of teachers can raise doubts about respect for fundamental rights and freedoms," Bodnar wrote. Because what is considered exemplary in one elementary school can be average in another. Each of the directors had to determine what is for him, for example, the determinant of personal culture, and when the teacher gives his person an example of love for the homeland.


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