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Great mistake of British airlines. The plane, which flew to Germany, landed in Scotland

– Zbyszka Rybak's story is the most incredible story about the Third Polish Republic. The alleged situation in the early 1990s was slowed down by his difficult youth. She was condemning her to pathology, using her for murderous interests. And here the most dangerous hooligans now understand that something is wrong. First, he sets the rules of honor of this world, and makes them a rugby team from them. Here are typical people, sentenced to fall, rise and victory – so Piotr Lisiewicz talks about the story of Zbyszka Rybaka, who invited the legendary hooligans and rugbyists to "Interview with Hooligan". Below you can see the whole conversation (FILM)

– I think we have a general crisis of masculinity in society. Rugby players are a negation. These are heavy guys on the field and in life

– Kaplan's father Trzebiusz Kroplewski recently talked about the boys who played in the Arka Gdynia team.

Zbyszek Rybak in "Wywiadzie with a hooligan" without self-censorship talks about the biggest hooligan battles of the nineties. trip to Paris for a match between France and Poland in 1995:

– "Baguette" was my idea. We bought long French bags, but with us we had reinforcement bars that we put together into these baguettes. We were burning these insects when some dozen unfortunates from Paris Saint Germain ended and decided to attack us. Well, let's deal with these gags. After the first blow, a roll was dropped and the stick landed on the head.

How did the life of the boys from Gdynia turn into rugby?

– Sports has taught me a lot of modesty. Rugby is such a difficult discipline, so if you're hard-working, then you do not have any idea to do something stupid. You could say that rugby educated me

– says Zbigniew Rybak. Then the "plague", which started from Rybak's legend, spilled over Poland and many rugby teams changed the lives of hundreds of young people raised from childhood in heavy families.

As Lisiewicz points out, this incredible story shows what the Third Polish Republic was different from pre-war Poland:

– School full of wild boys, who, as proud veterans of the Polish-Bolshevik war, put a gun on a bench in the gym – this was described in 1920 by Ryszard Kiersnowski in the book Young with a written heart. In the bedroom they smashed bottles on the walls and when the teacher asked them not to do it after midnight, they replied: "Whoever beat Bolshevik, you can now bottle."

How did the pre-war state respond?

– He was elite, blue and patriotic. And the fight for this youth was her concern. She let the puppets return to school in high school, and then took them to the commanding schools, which were the dreams and pride of each of them. She did not have to be brave enough to teach them, but to impress them with honor, discipline, and respect for women. That's how Poland made these best boys the best cavalry in the world

– Lisiewicz states.

III RP? Somewhere she had heavy teens. I have the impression that the scenario is that hundreds of thousands of boys live in the pathology, the hand of his rulers. That is why the legend about Zbyszk Rybak is a beautiful story. In the Third Polish Republic we have fucking beautiful legends. And you need to know this – says Lisiewicz.

The whole talk by Piotr Lisiewicz and Zbyszek Rybak is shown below:

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