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GDDKiA: Eight people are ready to build the A18 motorway. This time, the bids are mixed in the budget


This is the reconstruction and adaptation of the DK 18 fragment in the Duchy of Zielon Gór. The General Directorate for State Roads and Motorways had to cancel the tender in May, because the five prepared wanted more than a budget for its implementation. For this purpose, GDDKiA planned PLN 303,8 million and the lowest bid amounted to more than PLN 308 million. Later, the voices of experts appeared that the difference is so small that a cancellation of the bid is considered a wrong decision.

New tender for A18. GDDKiA: bids are in the budget

In June a new offer was opened and envelopes with applications were opened. According to GDDKiA there are eight, "Bids can be found in the cost estimate". 22 kilometers A18 to build:

  • Consortium of companies: Leader – Metrostav Polska S.A., Partner – Metrostav a.s. – 303 116 518,13 PLN
  • PORR S.A. – 280,985 166.68 PLN
  • Strabag Infrastruktura Południe Sp. z o.o. – 274,164,344.61 PLN
  • Consortium of companies: Lider – Budimex S.A., Partner – BUDPOL Sp. z o.o. 262.519.679,01 PLN
  • Consortium of companies: Lider – Aldesa Construcciones Polska Sp. z oo, Partner – Aldesa Construcciones S.A. 269 ​​122 PLN 976,08 PLN
  • Consortium of companies: Leader – FABE POLSKA Sp. z o.o., partner – "SP" SINE MIDAS STROY "Sp. z oo – 279 928 754,84 PLN
  • Consortium of companies: Lider – Berger Bau Polska Sp. z o.o., partner – Berger Bau SE – Äussere Spitalhofstrasse 19, partner – Max Bögl Polska Sp. z o., Partner – Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG – 288 739 772.65 PLN
  • Consortium of companies: Leader – Przedsiebiorstwo Budów Dróg and Mostów KOBYLARNIA S.A., Partner – MIRBUD S.A. – 254 146 408,87 PLN

The cheapest offer is the latest – Kobylarna and Mirbud. What happened to the fact that they did not exceed the budget at the tender again? "The re-auction was conducted under slightly different conditions that were previously announced. The scope of the investment was changed, and the criterion of selecting the contractor was only the price, with strictly defined quality investment principles", he explains. GDDKiA and added that the changes were made after analyzing the previous tender procedures.

"The basis for calculating the costs from the tenderers was a construction project with a specification, that is a detailed plan, a pro forma invoice and technical specifications for the execution and acceptance of construction works," we read in the message.

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DK18 is changed to A18

It is about the reconstruction of the southern road DK18 on a section from 11.86 km to 33.76 km. In addition to the offer itself, the contractor must also construct motorway observation (OUA), connect the motorway (reconstruct the elements of the existing node) and technical facilities (three viaducts, three passages for animals above the highway, bridge t and go under the motorway).

The current DK18 connects the A4 highway with a border crossing in Olszyna. The first "version" of the road, now the southern line, was built by Germany in the 1930s – it was part of the Berlin-Wrocław highway.

The transformation of DK18 along the Olszyna-Golnica fragment into the highway began many years ago. The northern road was added in 2006. Now you need to build a southern road. The investment was divided into four parts: t

– Olszyna strove for a kilometer of 11.86 (more than a kilometer to the west hill towards Wroclaw),

– from km 11.86 (more than one kilometer to the Zachód to Wrocław node) to km 33.76 (almost 4 km before the Iowa intersection – this section refers to the call that was discussed above),

– from km 33.76 (almost 4 km before the Iowa intersection) – the boundary of the landscape,

– the boundary of the landscape – the hollows are in the tow.

The construction of the entire A18 Olszyna-Golnica is expected to be completed in 2023. The total cost is over PLN 1 billion.

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