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Dawid owukowski is dead. The results of the work are shocking: the blade struck the heart. A five-year-old boy died from stab wounds


Dawid owukowski is dead. A police spokesman gave a tragic information in an official speech. The missing man missed last week and searched for 10 days. On Saturday, July 20, police searched a water reservoir under the viaduct at the Pruszków intersection on the A2 motorway. David's body was found there. The prosecutor's office launched an investigation into the murder. The prosecution has been notified of the results of the autopsy: Dawida has killed many wounds in the first frame. Boy's mom posted a touch. The missing boy was searched by the police all over the country, as information appeared that could be taken from Grodzisk Mazowiecke, where he was finally seen. The prosecution has already heard Dawson's shocked mother who has delayed informing the police about the possibility of her son's abduction. The father's phone, which he found on the spot, helped find the likely place of hiding and the boy's body. Police officers, firefighters and soldiers examined the area around the Konotop and garden gardens near the window in Warsaw. An underground excavations section was also introduced to the campaign. Water from the surrounding tanks was released. Search took 10 days and nights. The forensic analysis of all the collected data made it possible for us to analyze the entire material that we have already collected. The new facts about the missing boy were determined by the police. On Monday, a boy's hull was made. The results are alarming

Dawid owukowski is dead

UPDATE July 22, 2019

On Monday, David's body was. It lasted for five hours.

– An autopsy revealed numerous stinging wounds in the chest due to internal and external bleeding, followed by the death of a boy. They were made with an acute tool that we do not currently have. Activities are in progress to find this item

– said the prosecutor asukasz capczyński, representative of the district prosecutor's office in Warsaw.

It all seems that the child was probably murdered in the car. There were traces of blood, padding on the seat. After the murder of Paweł Ż. hid his body near Konotop near the motorway A2, where the car stopped twice.


– Today, the police focus on how to set a death task for the child, so everything is explained from start to finish. Then the proceedings will end, because there will be no proceedings against the perpetrator who took his life – said Dr. Mariusz Sokołowski from the University of Warsaw Department of Security.

In the TVN TVN program, a statement by Dawid Żukowski was published on Sunday.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank the services that have greatly reduced the resources and efforts to carry out the search. I would like to thank the local community, the media and all those who did not feel the fate of my son indifferent. I ask for prayer.

The prosecutor's office launched an investigation into the murder. As the district prosecutor's office in Warsaw reported on Sunday, the inspection of the place where the body was found ended. The post mortem department is scheduled for Monday.

How did Dawid owukowski die?
– If it is confirmed that the perpetrator of death – murder, accident, accidental death, because we have three options, which will most likely be solved after autopsy – is David's father, then there is no procedure. In such cases, the procedure stops. There is no trial in Poland and Europe when the perpetrator is guilty, dead – explained Ewa Gruza, forensic scientist at the University of Warsaw on TVN24.


Police found the body of five-year-old Dawid Żukowski. We will wait for final confirmation until the child's body is shown to the mother and complete all process activities. The police are convinced that this is a wanted boy.

– Psychologists are available to the family. There are police officers with their family. For now, we will not let you know about the circumstances of death boys. I ask for respect for the pain accompanying the family and the memory of this little boy – says a police spokesman.

The body of the child, found by the police, was in the bushes, near the water catchment, covered with grass – the journalist RMF FM, Patryk Michalski, found. One of the police officers noticed typical children's shoes.

Hundreds of people were looking for victims: police, investigators, firefighters, soldiers, and experts.


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On Saturday after the press conference of the headquarters of the Warsaw Police Directorate. He was associated with a search for a 5 year old Dawid owukowski. During this conference, we heard about David's search.

With the probability that borders on the border, the police today announced that Dawid Zhukovsky was searched for 10 days.

The prosecution interviewed the mother of the missing five-year-old Dawid owukowski. The basic question: why was the late police informed of the possibility of abduction?


We were earlier


– On the day she missed her child, she did not make any sudden steps because she thought it was another malice of her husband – asukasz Łapczyński from the district prosecutor's office in Warsaw told about the testimony of missing mom Marcin owukowski.

It turned out that the married couple had misunderstandings for a long time. The spouse did not spare to raise his son. But the woman did not anticipate such a horrible scenario.

– According to her reports, this was another malice of her husband, and she did not take any violent steps after receiving text messages – a representative of the prosecutor's office reported. However, when it turned out that the child had not returned home for a long time and the mother could not come into contact with her husband, she decided to call family members.

The mother of Dawid owukowski also went to her husband. When she realized that there was no one, she called the police, and then she came to Grodzisk Mazowiecki, where she reported the missing child. 23.20.

Where is the five-year Dawid owukowski?

On Thursday, police searched gardens in Okęcie in Warsaw, among others. The police also found Dawid's phone call. What's in it? The camera is seriously damaged, but data recovery is in progress – inform asukasz Łapczyński from the district prosecutor's office.

– The phone is significantly damaged, but experts work to create content. Research is underway. Similarly, other electronic carriers belonging to Paweł. – says asukasz capczyński, prosecutor of Wirtualna Polska.

– The hypothesis is very likely that men could plan to kidnap a son in the last two weeks when he was not in the workplace. After the leave, he could have carried out this plan. In my opinion, the possibility of losing a living boy disappears – says a reputable criminologist, prof. Brunon Hołyst.


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The funeral of Dawid owukowski's father

On Friday, July 19, the body of Paweła Ż. – the father of the wanted Dawid owukowski – will be placed in the grave at the Grodzisk Mazowiecki cemetery. However, in order to respect the privacy of his family, the exact time of the funeral was not given.

UPDATE 18/7/2019

The background of tragic events is a family conflict. At the end of June, Dawidka, a 31-year-old mother, informed the prosecution about the fact that her husband psychologically abused her. The woman and her son moved from Warsaw to Mazowiecki for three weeks before the tragedy. There were frequent arguments in the family, the reason being, as reported by TVN24, Paweł's addiction. gambling. The 32-year-old would have been charged with this. The TVP Info portal found that about two weeks before the suicide, father of five-year-old David stopped appearing at work.

– Hope dies last. For many years, the family has not acknowledged that a missing person could die. We have to look at this objectively, taking into account these black scenarios – said Insp. Mariusz Ciarka, representative of the police staff.

Update, 17/07/2019

As she revealed TVN24 in a fantastic family, it was not good. At the end of June, an attorney of the 31-year-old mother of the Dawid district prosecutor's office in Grodzisk Mazowiecki was informed that her husband would be psychologically ill. However, it is not possible for a man to hit a guy in a notice.

It was also found that on July 10, a man contacted his wife on the phone. Then she would threaten her that she will never see her son again. Investigators found Paweł. twice he had to stop at one of the exits in the emergency on the A2 motorway. For the first time in 40 minutes while traveling to Warsaw and then for 15 minutes when he returned (he was with his son near the Okęcie airport). Then – according to TVN Notes journalists – he also heard that his wife wants a divorce.

All the wells, drainage ditches and water containers should be searched in this area. Researchers are in favor of the idea that the whole event was planned. Before the suicide Paweł Ż. he had even to spend a moment in prayer in the church where they found their car.

UWAG TVN journalists also agreed that Paweł Ż. is supposed to have 200,000 debt owed for gambling. In addition, he had another child – his daughter – from the first law. His former wife had to escape from him to Ukraine.


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UPDATE 17/7/2019

Dawid owukowski is a five-year-old boy who disappeared under unfamiliar circumstances. It is known that he was under the protection of his father who committed suicide with a target under the train. What happened to the boy? The police have reached new data that allowed them to recover the last hours before their disappearance. However, details are not disclosed. Is Dawid Żukowski alive? Nowadays, densely populated units re-move to this area, which are combing through the waste areas and the fields along the road, lastly passed by the father's father.

UPDATE 16/7/2019
Today she is supposed to complete the analysis of all the material collected by the police, which could give an answer to the question of what happened to the boy. Sensational reports are published today by the Fact and cites sources close to the prosecution. The magazine reports that the boys were blood and urine found on their father's clothes and in the car.

In addition, "Super Expres" reported that investigators achieved another control record showing the 32-year-old Paweł. Unfortunately, he is with him without David.

UPDATE 15/7/2019

We have already determined everything we can find out – Sylwester Marczak, a representative of the police administration.


Today, the abandoned unit will not be abandoned. Specialists are dedicated to analyzing data collected on the ground from people and researchers. Forensic analysis helps to produce all the information.

The biggest search in the history of the police is still taking place. However, they have a different character than before, because the whole area was combed, in which the theoretical 5-year Dawid owukowski can be found.

Grodzisk Mazowiecki: Dawid owukowski is looking for the fourth …

UPDATE, July 14

Search for a 5 year old Dawid owukowski takes another day. From the morning to Sunday, July 14, police orders combine the areas selected for a thorough review. The investigation includes firefighters and Territorial Defense Forces.

Police require Dawid reports. They are received by police officers of the Poviat Police Department in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, tel. 22 755 60 10 (-11, -12, -13). You can also call the nearest police unit or emergency number 112.

Do not miss it

UPDATE, July 13

On Saturday, a search section was brought into underground excavations. The area was sought from the place where the car was (next to the church in Grodzisk Mazowiecki), followed by David's 5-year-old father, on the A2 motorway.

– We are currently looking around 400 ha in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Today the Territorial Defense Forces cooperate with us, we have police officers from the criminal service. We also support search groups – said Grzegorz Prusak from the police administration in TVN24. – Police officers also came to work, who are free to support operations – stressed the representative of the KSP.

He added that the search for services burned 2,000 hectares from the very beginning, with more than a thousand people participating. The residents also help.

Dawid Żukowski is missing

Police officers from Grodzisk Mazowiecki have been searching for a five-year-old Dawid owukowski for three days. Earlier on July 10, about 17 a father took the child away from home and drove in an unknown direction with a gray shard. After four hours, before the age of 21, police informed the 5-year-old father that he died – a man killed a train.

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As reported by Com Sylwester Marczak from the Warsaw Police Department headquarters, "it was most likely a suicide." The father's car was found near the site of the tragedy, but the children were not in there. In the night from July 10 to July 11, a boy began to look up.

Was the violence in the family of Dawid Zhukovsky?

Onet journalists have reached new information regarding the family situation of the desired 5-year-old. According to the reporters of the portal, both parents had the right to take care of the child, but lived for three weeks separately. The reason for the separation remains unknown.

Lost children from the province of Silesia. Have you seen? Tell me! Pictur …

According to unofficial information, he is using violence in the family. A few days before the boy's disappearance, the police received a report on this matter.

In addition, the authors of the text say that the 32-year-old has to deal with financial problems and has problems with gambling. Onet, however, believes that the police have not yet confirmed these reports – officials do not provide detailed information on the investigation.

Search Dawid Żukowski

The services first appeared in the train station area, but it turned out that the incident had occurred several hundred meters. We received the application about 20.52. Train Skierniewice-Warsaw at the height of ul. Korfantego in Grodzisk hit a man with a fatal impact. The circumstances of the incident indicate that he was suicide – he said in an interview for the service asp. Staff. Katarzyna Zych, a spokeswoman for the police administration Poviat in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The car traveled by a man with a child had a red car with a car from the fairytale "Car" sunshade.


Where is Dawid Żukowski? A 5 year old boy is wrong, his father …

There are many police officers involved in the search for a boy. Police use drones and helicopters. They also checked the places where the child stayed in the last hours of his life – the police determined him on the basis of his phone reports.

On Thursday, the police continued to search until late at night. Unfortunately, without success. Work continued in the morning.

– It's about restoring the activities of the sub-units that were disrupted before midnight. The operational services operated without interruption

– Sylwester Marczak, a representative of the Metropolitan Police, explains in an interview with

His mother was reported on the disappearance of Dawid owukowski

David's parents did not live together. Both raised the child, none of whom was deprived of parental rights. My father took care of the boy on the day of his disappearance, and he had to take him to the mother in the evening. Katarzyna Zych from the Grodziska police informed us that the mother's mother informed the police about the missing son around midnight.

It is possible that on 10 July father drove a boy near the Okęcie airport in Warsaw to show landing and landing. The key to this is to find the answers to the following questions: where is Paweł Ż. Was he with his son in four hours? So from 17, when he took it to 21 when he threw himself under the train? Where were they and where did he leave him?

Everyone hopes that the boy is alive.

See it urgently

What does the 5 year old Dawid owukowski look like? What did he wear?

David is about 110 centimeters tall and has a lean body. Blurred hair, combed on the right. The boy was dressed in a blue gray shirt, blue jeans and blue sneakers with Zygzak McQueen's paintings.

Where to report with Dawid Żukowski?

Police are asking for everything to help find a child. All reports, including anonymous, are received by police officers of Poviat in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, tel. 22 755 60 10 (-11, -12, -13). You can also call the nearest police unit or emergency number 112.

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